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"Good evening." The girl almost wants to pee on her pants as she uncomfortably sat on a white stool in a center of the room with the interviewer about three meters away. The woman with her papers looked at her with bewilderment. "I-I'm Jennie—"

"Jennie Kim." She finished her off, looking at the paper to double check everything. "I'm sure I was looking for a male, dear. And I'm also sure you're aware, yes?"

The girl fidgeted her fingers as she slowly nodded her head. She was more than aware of it but it just all comes to her mind. She needed this more than anybody else. She gulped and was about to speak yet but the boss stared at her intently, her words were stuck in her throat.

"I'm sorry baby, you're hot and all but I am searching for a submissive who can pleasure me for six months." The woman stood up and walked towards the nervous girl. She wanted to speak but those eyes just kept her shut. "I don't think you can pleasure me. Afterall, we both have pussies and what I need is someone who could fill me not just by fingers, Jennie Kim—"

"I-I can do that, ma'am. I assure you!" Her tone got higher in pitch as the scent of the woman lingers her nose. She was just a foot away already with her eyes judging her by her words. "I—"

"I'm really sorry, Jennie. But—"

"I-I have a dick!"

Silence suddenly filled the room.

She cannot look directly at the woman who was standing just in front of her. The amount of embarrassment just wanted to swallow her. She just did that. She did say that to the woman.

The silence prolonged and only their breathes could be heard, especially Jennie's. Adding the loud heart beat of hers. How could she calm down when it's the first time to expose her real identity to a stranger just for the sake of this crazy job?

She have to do this for her living. She convinced herself that it's just six months. Within those months, she was sure of herself that she could earn quite enough money to keep living. Just for the sake of survival.

"Baby girl..."

She was taken back when the woman kneeled in front of her. The intake of sharp breathe says it all. She was going crazy seeing that smirk of hers widening and her body just right in between her legs. This was dangerously close.

"You're unique." Jennie gulped when she touched her arms. She needed to be used to this. This is what the job is all about. Intimate touches and kisses. "But I want you to prove yourself."

"Ma'am?" Her eyes widened in horror. There is no way she's gonna do it now. "H-how can I prove—"

"Make me aroused baby." She whispered, standing up and suddenly sat on her lap making the unique girl flustered. The heat in between her legs started to make her throb. "I guess it's true. I could already feel you...hard."

She wanted to push her off out of reflex but her body froze especially now that the woman was starting to grind herself on her. Her pants grew uncomfortable. It pains her. Why was she suddenly reacting to this things?

"Come on Jennie. Prove me that you're worth this job."

She took up all the courage to look back at her. The lust was so visible in her eyes, and she can't look away. She was scared of touching her because she might be wrong but the heat that was increasing just made her do it. Never in her life did she touch someone inappropriately.

She slowly caressed her back, pulling her closer to her. Jisoo whimpered now that she can fully feel her erection. It was...hard and long. So thick that it's making her go crazy at how a female like her could make her feel this. Actually much better than some guys. And this wasn't even intercourse.

Her touch just lit up the fire and burns more than she ever felt. She can't help but moan when Jennie's finger started exploring her legs. She would randomly trace shapes on her skin and yet she weirdly find it hot. The hot breathe from the girl she's sitting on fans her skin, and it makes her feel more aroused.

"W-where do you want?"

The question sent her crazy. She can answer her a lot. In her chest, in her neck, in her shoulder. Much better, in between her legs. She wanted all of those. She just wanted to know how the girl would feel. She just wanted to know how far could this girl fuck her. Like, fuck.

"You know where, baby." She answered, giving her neck some soft kisses. Jennie sighed deeply, her fingers slowly making its way to her inner thighs. "Go further baby. You're close."

Jisoo wanted her touch on that specific area but she wants to be the one on control. She stood up and pulled her towards her desk, leaning on it as she make her now new submissive kneel. She's not going to waste this girl away.

"Do what you need to do, baby." She removed her skirt, letting it pool down her ankles. Jennie gawked at her. "Prove it, baby girl."

Just as she was about to breathe, she could feel warm tongue caressing her clothed slit. Just a small contact yet it is making her insane. What more if that clothing goes off? She was suddenly getting impatient. She wanted that tongue really badly, now.

"I want your tongue inside me." She breathlessly moaned, her fingers starting to strangle themselves on the strands of her submissive. "I want to taste myself on those lips, baby."

They shared gazes for seconds, Jennie trying to comprehend everything. As much as she wants to avoid looking, she turned her eyes towards the damp area on her dominant's panties, almost blushing as she have never seen one before. Jennie gulped, seeing how her boss intently stared at her, waiting for her request to be done. She felt like she burnt and melted at once.

She leaned forward to her heat and bit on the waistband of the panties, slowly tugging it downward. Jisoo could not help but blush at the sight. She never saw anyone biting on her panties pulling it down until now and she can't help but find it hot and sexy.

Plus those seductive eyes the younger girl had even tho it's not intentional to be seductive. It's just how her eyes looks, and Jisoo felt how inviting her eyes could be. Everything about this girl is just rising her arousal.

"God, baby. You look so fucking sexy right now." She muttered, holding on to Jennie's hair tightly as her panties pooled around her ankles with the skirt. Jisoo kicked the clothing away and pulled Jennie.


"Don't call me ma'am for goodness' sake. My name's Jisoo, baby. Better yet..." Jisoo smirked and pulled Jennie's hair for her to lift her gaze to meet Jisoo's mischievous ones. Jennie wanted to run away from embarrassment. She wanted to run away from this unwanted feeling of desire. She's doing this for a reason, and she's not wanting how she wants this so suddenly. "Call me mommy."

Everything changes with a sealed contract.


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