11: Cabin Trip

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That weekend, we were all at a cabin in Northern California and I was more than excited to see Scott and Wesley spend more time together. Scott had really stepped up into the role of fatherhood and was more than excited to tend to our toddler's needs whenever needed.
I came downstairs to see Scott and Wesley sitting on the back porch while Kirstie and Kevin started the barbecue we had planned to have for lunch.
Wesley was on Scott's lap while the blonde read from one of his law textbooks; our son listening intently as he leaned back against Scott's chest.
"This book boring," Wesley mumbled. "No pictures, daddy,"
"Tell me about it," Scott chuckled, looking up as I came out and sat across from them. "Hey handsome," Scott smiled. "Come here often?"
"You guys are adorably disgusting," Kevin joked, reaching for the plate next to him. "How's law going, by the way, Scott?"
"Good! I'm really excited to get into the field for real. I'm just the assistant now, so all I get to do is sit in on cases and take notes for the big dogs, but it's still pretty cool."
Scott looked down at Wesley, "Yes buddy?"
"Read story?"
"Sure, Wes. What do you want me to read?"
"Uhm.. no story!" Wesley squealed and Scott rolled his eyes before he started to tickle Wes, the toddler laughing adorably and getting off of Scott's leg and running down the porch stairs.

Scott PoV
I laughed as I chased Wesley around the yard; the toddler squealing when he realised I was close behind but when he looked back at me, he hit the branch infront of him and tumbled over it.
I felt panic set in and I quickly picked him up and set him on a log to look at his injury, his cries causing Mitch to rush over in worry.
"It's just a little cut, Wessy," I assured him, tucking his messy hair back. "You're okay, buddy,"
Wesley just wailed and turned into Mitch's chest, my boyfriend frowning as Wes balled his shirt in his little fist. "You're okay, Wesley," Mitch soothed, kissing his head. "It's just a little booboo, Buddy,"
"Hurt.." Wesley mumbled, hiding his face. I frowned when I realised I didn't know how to make Wesley feel better and ended up just following Mitch back into the house and trying to help him help Wesley in anyway I could.
"What's wrong, love?" Mitch asked after we left Wesley inside to watch cartoons on his iPad and rest up. We had disinfected his cut and covered it with a bandaid and a wrap to hold it in place and Kirstie insisted that he keep an ice pack on the injured spot to prevent any major swelling or bruising.
"I feel bad that I don't know what to do when Wes gets hurt. Like.. I'm his father, but I hardly know anything about it,"
"Well, to be fair, you only found out about him a few months ago, Scott. You can't blame yourself for not knowing everything that happened in the last few years."
"I know, but I hate that he didn't want to be anywhere near me when he fell,"
"He's just used to coming to me when he gets hurt. Once he figures out that you're going to be around more often, he'll start going to you. And besides, he calls you his dad,"
"I know, but I just— I want to be good enough for him, Mitchie. You and Wes are my everything and I hate that I don't know the little things as well as I should,"
"Well what do you want to know?"


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