the nerd and the jock (Donnie x reader)

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(Y/N)'s P.O.V

i ran down the court dribbling the ball in between my legs, the crowd cheering as i slammed it in the hoop "(Y/N)!" my team mates cheered out as i ran down the court high fiveing my friends, i had just hit the winning shot of the game with only 3 seconds to spare. Casey held the camera probably recording the big win, or the cheerleaders dancing around "get socked bitch!" Milow screamed dumping the last of the water in the cooler on me "how you like me now punks!" i shouted slut dropping "ugh" the other team growled as they walked off the court "alright team, go get changed and ready to leave" our couch said walking away

******************time skip***************

i ran down the sewer tunles with Casey and April as we screamed and yelled "WOOOO!" Casey souted swinging his hockey sticks around like a mad man, April just laughed as she ran ahead of us "IM GONNA SHOW THIS TO THE GUYS!!!!" she screamed waving the camera "APRIL NO!!!" i panicked, i never wanted the guys to know i did sports, i thought they would think i was weird, and what would Donnie think. i ran faster but it was to late "GUYS CHECK IT!" i heard her yelled as she played the video "i-is t-that (Y/n)?" Donnie said in shock 'oh god no, i was to late' i thought as i walked strait past them and into the dojo "WOW SHE'S GOOD!" Mikey shouted "w-wait w-w-where is s-she?" Donnie asked "she's in the dojo" Raph said opening the door "hey (Y/n)!" Leo said walking over to me "not now" i hissed out walking out and down the sewer pipe on my way home

Donnie's P.O.V

she just snapped at Leo and walked out, (Y/n) is never like that, something is defiantly wrong. i ran after her "(Y/N) WAIT!!!" i screamed out grabbing her hand "NO!" she yelled pulling away with tears running down her cheeks "(Y/n) please d-don't cry" i said wipping her tears away and hugging her "you don't have to talk about it, just come back" i said into her soft hair "w-what if they hate me!!" she cried out "they don't and if they do they can go suck it" i said kissing her, and to my surprise she kissed back "come on, lets go to the lab" i grabbed her hand as we walked back 

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