Caffeine and Crushes

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Barista and Human AU!


A light dingle of a bell and the sweet aroma of coffee welcomed Gavin with open arms as he entered the coffee shop, Caffeinated.

With a small smile on his face and membership card in hand, he made his way to the cute barista who would wait for him every morning without fail. Another stressful day at the precinct awaited him and he could not survive if it hadn't been for the sweet surprises of Nines, the best barista and owner of the cafe.

Nines' bright smile towards Gavin could not compare to his default customer service smile. It was special and only for Gavin to receive. He knew this by the way the right side of his mouth would raise just a little higher and his bright eyes would crinkle at the corners.

When it was finally his turn in line, Gavin didn't need to say his order; Nines already knew. Presenting his membership card and some cash, the two engaged in the only small talk Gavin would enjoy.

"Morning, Detective. How are you on this fine day?"

He sighed and gave a shrug, "Oh you know, catching crooks, getting headaches, writing reports. Same old. How 'bout you?"

"Actually, we just received a new shipment of coffee beans I think you'll appreciate. They just came in yesterday," Nines' eyes shun with a glint of opportunity to introduce Gavin to a new thing. In response, Reed just smiled approvingly and waiting on a stool that faced the street.

While waiting, Gavin contemplated whether or not he should ask Nines out for a date. They'd had an awkward casual relationship of exchanging 'hello's and conversation for some months now but Gavin couldn't shake the handsome  image of Nines' glittering eyes, how his hair curled at the ends and his concentration and dedication when making coffee. He'd been a regular and loyal customer ever since the shop opened a few years ago but Nines' management wasn't introduced until last year, when his brother, Connor, pursued his life long dream of going into the force. With a defeated sigh, he shook his head, thinking that he was only a generous customer to Nines and nothing more. Gavin bit the inside of his cheek as he forced himself to think of other things instead, like how he'd get Fowler off his ass for still not getting a partner.

"Gavin!" His name sounded so natural as it rolled off Nines' lips, into the bustling atmosphere of the cafe. Ignoring the skip in his chest, he got up and met with Nines once again, their hands mingling for the slightest second. However, it didn't stop shivers from running through their touch.

And with a final smile, Nines greeted, "Have a nice day, Detective."

Gavin nodded in acknowledgment and left, taking a sweet sip of a specially made coffee just for him. He sighed deeply once again once he moulded into the crowd on the street. Another tiring and packed day at the precinct awaited him but the only thing he could think of was a certain barista who reserved coffee and smiles for him.


The weekend passed and soon it was Monday once again. He hadn't visited the cafè since Friday and was excited for another glimpse of Nines. However, when he arrived to Caffeinated, only a 'Sorry! We're Closed :(' sign greeted him.


A bubble of worry popped in Gavin's stomach as his expression changed from 'loser with a crush' to 'decorated detective looking for his crush.'  He peeked through the glass windows, into the dim cafe but it seemed that no one was there amd that nothing had happened to the place. He was about to give up when he saw a distinct shadow in the darkest corner, slouching horribly on a chair.

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