Chapter Nine

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I couldn't breathe.

There was something heavy placed on my chest and I twisted and turned, fighting to move it off me. 

Finally, I pried my eyes open with a gasp and sat up in a hurry to see what the weight had been. The action made me dizzy, my head immediately feeling like I had been shot fifty times in the forehead.

My blurry eyes landed on Madison's sleeping body and I rolled my eyes, falling back into my pillows with a groan. She was still in her nurse costume, and was sleeping horizontal to me. Her legs were thrown over my chest, hence me being unable to breathe.

"Madison." I croaked, and moaned as a sharp pain shot through my head again. She remained motionless, so I lifted my foot and nudged her roughly. Finally, she lifted her head an inch but still didn't open her eyes.

"Mwebrnemy." She mumbled. I would have laughed at her nest hair and raccoon eyes if I had the energy to do so.

"What?" That didn't sound like English.

"Where am I?" She repeated, a lot clearer this time. She slowly pried her eyes open and sat up.

"You're in my house. The real question is how and when the hell did you get here." I replied. She was silent for a few minutes, slowly waking up and adjusting to her surroundings.

"I... don't remember." She began hesitantly.

"Great." I sighed. "Well, at least you ended up here and not in some ditch somewhere or in some murderer's basement."

"True. I better text Gray, he was supposed to be my sober driver so he probably knows something."

"You do that. I'll get us some aspirin since you don't look like you're doing much better than me." She gave me a grateful smile and picked up her phone. 

With that I stood up and began making my way downstairs, groaning at the killer headache. I was definitely never going to drink again in my life.

Last nights events were hazy in my mind, and I tried to remember what happened as I walked into the kitchen. I remembered driving up to Zane's house, going inside, drinking the spiked punch. Then I was in the living room, dancing and dancing. After that things got especially blurry, and I think Isobel-

Oh god. Oh, no no no, please no. I froze on my way to the fridge, my blood running cold. Please don't let that have happened, please let that have been some type of messed up hallucination from the alcohol. 

But even as I tried to think of explanations, I could clearly see her pale, surprised but closed off face as she stared me when Madison interrupted us.

What did this mean? What was I going to do? I couldn't lose her over this. I would have to talk to her, tell her something to make this go away. Come up with some excuse for what happened.

 With my mind set, I grabbed the aspirin and a bottle of water and began jogging back up the stairs.

Madison was no longer in bed and I could hear the water running in the bathroom so I set the water and medicine on the nightstand. I looked to the window where the curtain was drawn and wondered if she was asleep or if Isobel had woken up.

Slowly, I crept up to the window and pushed the curtains aside about half an inch, peeking through like some creepy peeping tom. My heart sank when I was faced with her red curtain drawn across her own window.

Maybe she was still asleep. Yes, definitely. It's not because she never wanted to see me again or anything like that.

I sighed and walked back to the bed and plopped down. Last night I had thankfully washed up and changed into some pajamas before I sank into bed, so I didn't look like too much of a mess. I picked up my phone and checked the time. 11:23 am.

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