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Part One :

One Thing x 60?!

When I wake up, the other side of the bed is cold.

My fingers stretch out, seeking my iPhone and my hand clumsily searches for it on my bedside table. Eventually I find it in the dark and turn it on, cringing as the bright screen light blinds my half open eyes.

I open up my tumblr app, and then twitter.

But something is wrong.

I have no updates.

I try to refresh the page but a notification comes up.

There is no internet.

"Oh no, not today!" I mumble.

Why did our monthly internet usage have to run out today? Of all days.


I stumble out of bed and slip into a pair of skinny jeans.

Then I quickly pull on my converse, a comfy jacket and slip outside with my iPhone.

The sun is starting to rise in the sky and I walk slowly towards the meadow. The streets are empty, I guess everyone is trying to sleep in today, if they can.

Eventually I reach the meadow and sit down on a mossy rock, luckily the place is empty apart from me, so the internet is running extra fast. Thank goodness.

In case you haven't guessed, the meadow is basically the towns free WiFi hotspot.

My internet refreshes and I see a ton of new tweets.

Everyone is tweeting, who wouldn't? This is only the biggest day of any Directioners life.

Today is the day of the reaping.

I quickly tweet how excited I am and then flick over to tumblr and look at a bunch of pics of One Direction from the day before.

What is the reaping? You may ask.

Well, it's where five girls from each of the twelve districts (One district for each letter of the word One Direction :D ) are chosen to take part in The Husband Games.

It is an honor to be one of the five girls picked and there is only a tiny chance you will be one of them. Then the sixty girls are put in an arena to fight to marry one of the members of One Direction. Well, thats whats happening this year anyway.

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