Chapter 1

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The ballroom of greenwich palace is buzzing with activity. It is the annual winter ball, held by the newly crowned 18-year-old King Edward and his younger sister, 17-year-old princess Elizabeth. After their father's death one year ago, and their mothers death the year before, their father becoming struck with the scarlet fever and their mother dying in childbirth, it is time for the young king and princess to perform their parents duties. And that includes finding both of them a husband and wife.

At the moment, Edward and Elizabeth are watching a group of young women dancing elegantly in the center of the ballroom, most of them quite lovely, but nothing to talk about.

Elizabeth. Which of these lovely ladies would you want as your wife, Edward?

Edward. None of them, really. They are beautiful, yes, but they do not interest me very much. He looks at his younger sister with a teasing smile. And what about you? Which of those strapping young gentleman do you think would be a good husband? He points to a group of young men watching the young ladies on the other side of the dance floor.

Elizabeth rolls her eyes. None of them. They are all snobbish an arrogant.

The siblings smile at each other, knowing both of their tastes are very particular. Both of them are quite lovely, Elizabeth looking like their mother, with chestnut brown hair and blue eyes, and Edward looking like their father, blonde hair and blue eyes.

As the group of young ladies finally finish their dance, the doors to the ballroom open, revealing a couple entering the ballroom, looking as if they are brother and sister. Both of them have gold red hair, blue eyes, and pale complexions. The young man is wearing a uniform of Black with gold trim. The young lady is wearing a gown of dark crimson silk. Her hair is fixed into a bun at the back of her neck.

Edward. Who are they?

Elizabeth. I do not know. But I will say that they are absolutely beautiful.

Edward. They are.

The two pairs of siblings make their way to one another, bow and curtsy.

Charles. Your majesty's, may I introduce myself. I am lord Charles of Aquitaine, and this is my sister, lady Eleanor. We do apologize for being late.

Elizabeth. It is perfectly all right.

Edward. Welcome to the ball.

Eleanor. Thank you, your majesty.

The two couples look at one another, both of their hearts racing like mad.

Charles. Your majesty, if it is all right, may I steal your sister for a dance? Your smile is teasingly at Edward.

Edward chuckles. That is perfectly all right, Lord Aquitaine, if I might take your sister for a dance myself.

Charles. But of course, your majesty.

Eleanor feels as if she is going to burst with happiness as Charles hands her off to Edward, taking Elizabeth with him. She looks deep into Edwards dark blue eyes, completely mesmerized.

Edward himself cannot stop looking at Eleanor. He is smitten with her, and she with him.

The two couples go out onto the dance floor, soon followed by everyone else, just as a beautiful waltz begins to play.

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