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You heart is beating so fast, 'What the heck is wrong with me?' You thought. You knew this feeling, you're heart beat goes fast whenever he's near you. You can't stop your feelings, you're starting to like him. You know where this leads, love. And that shouldn't happen, or so you thought.

You discarded your towel and put on your undergarments and your uniform. You left your room with your things. You saw Jungkook sitting on the island, your heart starts to beat fast again. He smiled sweetly at you and waved, then his smile turned into a smirk. You swearyour heart skipped a beat. You returned the gesture, with pink hues covering your cheeks.

Jungkook chucked when he noticed your cheeks, making you almost die. Oh how you're so swooned over by him. You weren't like this before.

You walked towards him and ate the cereal he had made for you. How lucky you are to eat his food.

You're so lucky to walk with him going to school. So lucky to sit with him during classes. So lucky to even eat with him. So lucky to see the cute side of him whenever he's alone with you. So lucky to walk with him after school, and so lucky to live under the same roof with him.

You're starting to appreciate him more, starting to love every bits of him, starting to love his flaws, you've notice some things about him that you didn't notice before. You're starting to love him.

You want to stop yourself, but you just can't. Everyday, your love for him is getting harder to get rid of. Everything he do has an affect to you.

But then one day, you thought, maybe if you let him go to school first. If you talk to him less than before. If you keep yourself busy to the point you don't see him. If you make some friends. If you distance yourself from him.

And so you did. You did those things. But it's hard for you.

You wanted to see him after you wake up, talk to him everytime, you wanted him on your sight everytime. You can't make friends because you're just a nobody, but that's before they saw you with him, you got popular, especially with girls, they wanted to get close with you so that you can hook them up with Jungkook, but you avoided them, resulting for them to hate you, they say bad things about you.

You can't even distance yourself from him before, you're used to have him by your side. Distancing yourself from him is really hard, but you kept distancing yourself from him. You should do this in order to make your feelings, your love from him to vanish.

But none of this worked.




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