30- The Bahamas

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Michelle p.o.v

"Did Fatima tell you that she had something very important to tell us" Abby says to us. Me and Niall got back from Ireland last week we where there for 4 weeks it was nice spending time with his family they're so sweet. Right now where back at London before we leave to the Bahamas

"Yep she said to meet her at the Starbucks near the mall" Diana says

"Then lets go meet her there I'm getting inpatient" Julie says

"Ok let's go" I say pushing them out of the house

Fatima p.o.v

I was waiting for the girls to get here I am so happy when I tell the girls this news they are going to freak out I was really shocked when Louis asked me "hey" the girls say once they get here


"Just spill the beans" Diana says

"Okay okay" I put my hand up and wave it around my face

"OMG" they all scream at the same time

"When did he ask"

"OMG your in engaged"

"Tell us every thing" they all said



"Okay you ready love" louis asks

"Yea lets go, can you tell me where we are going" we started walking towards the car

"No it's a surprise" he open the passenger door for me and then walked to his side

"Ugh fine" I pout

"Stop pouting and put this on I promise you'll like it" he says handing me a blind fold to put on, I put it on and louis helped me out of the car we where walking until he stopped and let go of me

"Okay you can take the blind fold off" louis says I take the blind fold off and see the is a blanket on the floor decorated with bunch of other stuff it looked so pretty

We where walking around the park when louis stopped and said "Fatima we have been dating for 2 years now I love you so much, I can't stand a day without you you make me the happiest person on earth and I want to make you mind forever so would you do me the honor and marry me" he was on his knees

"Yes..Yes..YES" I say happily I jump into Louis arms and kiss him he then puts the ring on my finger

*flashback over*

"OMG I can't believe you're engaged"

"I know"

"Let me see your ring" Michelle says I show her the ring

"It's beautiful"

*Next day *

Michelle p.o.v

"Do we have everything" Liam says we are on our way to the airport because where going to the Bahamas

"Yeah I think so" Abby says I walk upstairs to check on Niall he wanted to pack his own suitcase

"Nialler are you finished" I say once in in the room he was sitting on the ground his clothes where all piled up and he was trying to close the suitcase

"Niall you have to fold the clothes for they can fit" I say chuckling

"Please help" he says with pleading eyes

"Only if you say I'm the awesomest person ever"


"Then I won't help you"

"Fine your the awesomest person ever and I love you"

"I love you too" I sat down next to him and help him with his suitcase. When we finished we went down stairs and he helped the guys get the suitcase in the car

"Did you pack a swimsuit" I ask the girls


"Alright let's get going"

At the Bahamas

"So what do you guys want to do first" Zayn asks me and Niall we're sharing a room with Zayn and Julie, Louis Fatima Liam and Abby shared a room and Harry and Diana

"Sleep I'm jet lagged" Niall says

"I'm with him" I say

"Same" Julie says

"Then I guess we could sleep" I jump on the bed next to Niall I snuggle up to him and he puts he's arm around me

The next morning I woke up with Niall's arm around me I kissed me on the lips he smiled and then opened his eyes

"Good morning princess" he says

"Good morning" I got up and got some jean shorts and a white tank top and went in the restroom and changed once I was out of the restroom I saw that Julie and Zayn were wake and Liam was in our room

"Where going to swim with dolphins so get ready" I nodded I quickly put some stuff that I need in my purse and went back in the restroom and put my bikini under my clothes and them fixed my hair I didn't bother putting on makeup because it will just wash up

"Kay I'm ready" I said

"I'm ready too" Julie said

"Okay we're ready lets go" Niall says and grabs my hand

When we got to the place the lady told us what to do and then it was our turn to do it by our selfs, it was so much fun after that we just went to the beach and hung out and we also learned how to surf so we where doing that to.


I'm sorry I haven't updated but what do you think of louis and Fatima engaged they need a couple name any ideas ?

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