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I arose to my feet and peered over the edge of the VIP booth to take in the scene unfolding below us. The club was at full capacity and there were plenty of humans to choose from. I kept finding my attention diverted to this mesmerizing woman dancing alone. She wore her hair in loose curls framing her face, freckles dusted across her nose and her eyes were shut clearly feeling the beat of the music. She swayed her generous hips in tune with the melody with her hands roaming her body and I found myself unable to look away. I continued to observe her, taking note in the way she moved with such femininity and grace. After the song ended and another began, her eyes finally opened. Her large, hazel doe eyes sweeping around the crowd. I smirked to myself when I took note of the fact that she was very visibly paying attention to primarily women. Her gaze would linger more than necessary on the frame of the blonde a few feet away from her, and the look in her eyes was plain to see from my vantage point - lust. Convinced that I had found myself a full course meal, I turned to Thackery to discuss our strategy, and then I saw him. A tall, muscular man with a head full of black hair and an arm full of tattoos walking his way toward my intended victim. He held two beers as he approached her and comfortably settled behind her grinded up against her perfect ass. The pair appeared to be more than acquanted with each other as they danced in perfect rhythm. It was then when I observed the wedding
rings they both displayed proudly.
"Damn" I muttered to myself in confusion. Is it possible that I had misread that situation entirely? This wasn't my first time, I know that I read the appropriate signs.

"What's the matter? No contenders?" Thackery said as he appeared at my side.

What was initially disappointment had now morphed into determination. Challenge accepted, I thought to myself, now how could I skillfully work this into my favor...

"I know that face baby, what's the plan?" he laughed while gripping my hips roughly.

"Oh, you'll see" I smirked as I saw my freckled beauty turn to her husband to tell him she was going to the restroom.

"Be right back" I yelled with a wink as I smacked Thackery's ass on my descent out of the lounge area.

I masterfully waded my way through the stream of sweaty bodies careful to follow her scent. She smelled of coconut and vanilla, making my mouth water in anticipation. Waiting a few minutes, I strode into the restroom non-chalantly and took in the silence. There she stood, adjusting her lipstick in the mirror. She leaned forward onto the sink, her round ass taunting me in her skin tight dress. I strode up to the position next to hers, a look of utter disinterest painted on my face. As I began to comb my fingers through my waves, I could feel the weight of her stare out of the
corner of my eyes. Jackpot.

"Excuse me" I stated as I reached across her for a paper towel, making sure to ever so slightly brush my arm across her ample chest. She shivered in response, clearly affected by the feel of my skin on hers. Finally making eye contact I took note of the deep blush on her fair skin and I had to forcibly stop myself from throwing her against the wall and giving her something to blush about. Her pupils dilated and her breath became shallow as I returned to my initial spot, all the while never breaking eye contact.

"Thank you love" I said to her, with a mischevious smile as I turned on my heels and walked out of the restroom.

Phase one has been complete, now the fun can begin. I quickly returned to the VIP lounge to Thackery flirting with one of the cocktail waitresses refilling his drink of choice. I took a deep breath, she was a wolf and from the looks of it she was definitely in heat and ready to jump on his dick at any moment. We made eye contact as he continued to caress her collarbone, freezing her in place with his glowing gaze. He lowered his mouth to her neck as he released
his fangs, scraping them slowly. As erotic as the sight before me was proving to be, I had my own games to play. I returned my attention to the dance floor just in time to see my freckled beauty return to her man. she settled back in her post in front of him, shaking her ass along with the song that had just started. her eyes scanned the crowd with intrigue, and I smirked to myself knowing exactly who she was looking for. I walked over to Thackery and the she-wolf and snapped my fingers to get her attention.

"Get lost sweetheart" I said quickly as I leaned in and kissed her lips.

Without a word, she departed the lounge as I averted my attention to Thackery and grabbed him by the hand. he followed me with no complaints, he knew by now to trust that my decisions would benefit the both of us immensely. we entered the crowd, his hand still secure in mine with his other hand holding me closely to his hard body. I found a spot in my victims line of sight and started to push my ass against him, sensually moving my body in a manner that would be difficult to ignore.

"Seems your target has noticed us, follow my lead" he whispered in my ear as he spun me around gruffly.

Suddenly, my chest was flush against his and I could feel my hunger increasing tenfold. Damn him, how was it possible even after so many years he still had the ability to make me feel this way! He dug his face in the crook of my neck as we moved in sync with each other and I almost had forgotten the purpose of the game we were engaged in. Keyword, almost.

"Is she watching?" I rushed out breathlessly.

Fuck, if he continued to move against me like this I was going to lose control and drain half of the people in this place. Without a word, he spun me around and gripped my hair with bruising force. A desperate moan escaped my lips that I couldn't control even if I wanted to.

"Thackery..." I whimpered softly, knowing fully well he understood my needs.

"I know baby, soon" he whispered in my ear seductively as I locked eyes with my victim.

One hand remained firm at my waist while the other sneakily made quick work of entering my skirt. She watched with wide eyes entranced, as Thackery slowly found my entrance, teasing me slightly before finally giving me what I craved. I steadily fucked his fingers to the beat of the music, while he proceeded to decorate my skin with his mark. Not once did I look away from her, not even when I came all over his hand. Especially not when he slipped his hand out of me and I happily tasted myself. Arousal and curiosity danced in those hazel eyes and it was then that I knew.

Tonight was about to get really fucking interesting.

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