Shouldn't Feel This Way

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His first thought was that he was coming down with a fever. Thus, he took the necessary precautions. Drinking plenty of water, washing his hands frequently, and keeping his distance from the others so they wouldn't catch it as well.

However, after several days of this and experiencing no sickness whatsoever, Logan came to the conclusion that he wasn't coming down with a fever.

Well, if it wasn't a fever, perhaps it was some other malady plaguing him. He ran through a mental checklist of his symptoms.

Slightly increased heart rate, check. Sweaty palms, check. Dryness of throat, check. Loss of focus, check. Spontaneous humming, check. Ditzy, Roman-Like airheadedness, check.

Logan frowned. When he'd first begun experiencing these symptoms he wrote them off as nothing. Once he realized he was beginning to act like Roman, he knew that something was seriously wrong. Standing up from his bed he walked over to his desk and turned on his laptop. When in doubt, there was always the internet, despite how misinforming it could be at times.

Logan typed all of his symptoms into the search bar and hoped for the best. He was met with articles about heart problems and dehydration. The latter couldn't be the cause, he was drinking the proper amount of water every single day. As for heart problems, he wouldn't rule that out quiet yet.

He decided to narrow down his search by typing: Increased heart rate caused by another person.

Again, nothing helpful. He leaned back in his chair and sighed. This was getting him nowhere...

Straightening himself he tried another search.

Symptoms of possible attraction towards another individual.

One of the first things he saw was 5 Signs You're Attracted to Someone.

He clicked the link and read through the list.

You act differently when they are around. "He's never around enough for me to notice a change in behavior. Even so, I don't see myself acting differently around him for any reason."

They're on your mind, a lot. "Well, I suppose I think about him often. Not that that means anything."

You want to be where they are and if they aren't there you feel disappointed. "I'd rather not be wherever it is he disappears to. However, I'll admit that I find myself pleasantly surprised whenever he happens to shows up. As for disappointment, I'll come back to that one later..."

You analyze every interaction. "I do that with everyone I come across in every situation. That's simply in my nature as Logic."

You start taking care of your appearance. "Hmph, I always strive to keep myself presentable."

Logan closed out of the website and drummed his fingers on his desk. Well, he'd certainly ruled out that possibility. There had to be some logical reason for his symptoms, one that didn't involve feelings.

A knock on his door brought him out of his thoughts. "Logan! Lunch is ready!"
"I'll be down in a moment, Patton." Logan stood and pushed in his chair. He adjusted his tie and smoothed down his hair before going downstairs. Patton was filling Virgil's cup with water, the Anxious Side was already seated at the table, phone in hand.

"Heya Logan! I made grilled cheese and tomato soup!" Patton smiled and filled another glass (which Logan assumed to be his) with water.
"Thank you, Patton." Logan sat at his usual seat across from Virgil. "Kiddo, wanna put your phone away and eat?" Patton sat down next to him.
"Hm? Oh, sure." Virgil shut off his phone and stuffed it in his hoodie pocket. Patton beamed and began to eat.

Logan frowned when he noticed the chair next to him was unoccupied. "Where is Roman?"

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