Underwater Volcano!

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After talking to Dracula, my friends and I decided to go swimming in the pool. We went back to our rooms to change into our swimsuits of course. My swimsuit looked like this:

(If you don't like this then imagine a different swimsuit

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(If you don't like this then imagine a different swimsuit.)

Inside the pool we were splashing and goofing around. "Hey, Izzy, who can hold their breath longer?" I asked her. She turned around. "Well, obviously I can hold my breath longer!" She said. We then both dove underwater. I don't know how much time had passed, but I unfortunately went up before Izzy. "Yes!" She exclaimed, throwing her hands up into the air.  I sulked with my arms crossed. Izzy, Macie, Avril, and Bridgette laughed. Their laughter was contagious, so I laughed too.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have arrived at our first destination!" Captain Ericka's voice rang out through the speakers. "Ooooh! Let's get out and see what it is!" Macie said excitedly. We all got out of the pool and hurried over to where the rest of the monsters were. The cruise staff was helping some monsters put on scuba gear. One particular monster was blue with sharp spikes all over his body. That proved to be difficult for the oxygen tank to go on his back, for the oxygen tank had a hole in it after the staff tried to put it on. Plus, the fish/monster thing was flying away with the tank. I know I have already been on this ship for a few hours but I was still in awe with all the monsters on here! This was amazing and it made me happy to be here with my friends.

We all got scuba gear on and as soon as everyone else started to dive, we did too. Actually, I dived first because my friends were too scared. I wasn't scared though, we were just diving into water. After we were in the water one of the staff members lead everyone to an underwater volcano! I can't remember the name of it though. The monsters started to swim around.

My friends and I swam around, too, looking at all the sea creatures

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My friends and I swam around, too, looking at all the sea creatures. I swam right up to a shark. Seems like a stupid idea, I know. But I just had to see one in person before I went back home! I even was able to pet its snout! Surprisingly, the shark didn't try to attack me at all. I was able to swim away without any worries.

I saw Dracula with who I assumed was his family. They were imitating the animals around them. Now that was a cute thing to do! The feeling in chest from before started to bloom again.  At first it was nice and warm, but then I started to panic. Gah! What is this feeling? It can't be love, I don't even know Dracula! Besides, the "love at first sight" thing is either just in the movies or is extremely rare! Ugh! I don't want this feeling! I left my friends but they didn't notice. They were too busy looking at puffer fish.

I swam all the way back to the ship. I climbed up through one area. I believe this area was used for ship or submarines. I don't know, there were a total of four pool-like areas in this giant room and there were stairs all the way across the room from where I was. I climbed out of the water and into the room. There, all alone, I started to rant.

"Dracula, Dracula, Dracula! He gets near me and then, I don't know how to feel! He has to be messing with me, he has too be! Dracula! He's a legendary vampire! I-just!-ugh! I can't stand it!"

I put my hand up to my chin, thinking of what to do, when I heard a noise. I stopped what I was doing to turn at the source of the noise. But when I turned around,nothing was there! "Must have been my imagination." I mumbled. I decided to go get something to eat since I'm already back on the cruise ship.

I went up the stairs and went all the way to the "all-you-can-eat-buffet". Luckily, there was some food for humans there. I took f/f (favorite food) off of the table. I found somewhere to sit and I started eating. I had no idea what would happen between Dracula and me in the near future.

(A/N: So this is the second chapter! Hope you liked this and comment what you think down below! Thank you!)

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