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This chapter is inspired by ThePearlOfTheSea, according to some moronic user that tried to get this book taken down.



My hand flies out to my alarm on my bedside. I slam the clock, and when it doesn't turn off, I get up and throw it at the wall. It unplugs and slams against the wall. I walk over to the clock. It's still ringing. I walk to a window, open the window, and chuck it. Better. There we go. "What to wear, what to wear, " I mutter. I walk into my closet. Yeah. I have a walk-in closet. I wanna look decent for school. I find a white bra and pads, white underwear, a gray tank top, a gray shirt, blue shorts, white socks, and gray Converse. I go shower. Once I get out I dress then look at my makeup. I apply a little makeup. I grab my phone and pocketknife. I grab my backpack and throw everything in it. I look at my schedule on my nightstand quick. AP English lll, AP Math lll, AP Science ll, AP Social Studies lll, P.E. lll, Art lll, Band lll, Choir lll. You see, my goal is to get into Cornell for college. I grab my schedule, fold it up, and pocket it. I grab a muffin and walk out the door to my car. I look at my demon step-mom, Helen's car. I unfold my pocketknife and stab all four tires. I grab my car keys and hop in my car. I pull out of the driveway.


When I walk in the school I sprint to my locker. I quickly open my locker and stuff my backpack in. I grab my schedule, my books that we got in 10th grade at the end of the school year, and my notebooks for the two classes. I slam my locker door and look where AP English all is. The classroom by my locker. I sprint in to see we have a seating chart, and I'm by someone named Percy Jackson and someone named Leo Valdez. I walk over to my seat and notice Percy is asleep. Already, Jackson? Asleep on the first day? How tired can you be? The board says open your textbooks to page 10. It also says the teacher's name is Mr. Blofis. Okay, then. I open my textbook to page 10, then Mr. Blofis walks in. "Is everyone opened to page 10 in their textbook? Good. Now, you will - Miss. Chase, can you wake Mr. Jackson up," Mr. Blofis asks. I nod, then look at Percy. I see a sliver of his face. I spot a line of drool. I grin to myself, then catch myself. Why would I be grinning? I poke him. Nothing. I poke him again. I was met with a snore. I grab his textbook, hold it high above my head, and drop it, down by his head. His head flies up.

"I'm awake, I'm awake," he yells.

"Now that Mr. Jackson has kindly woken up from his nap, you will hate me. You know that this unit is based on debates and arguments. You will be doing a debate with PowerPoint on any myth in ancient culture, to be presented Thursday, in two weeks. You will be working with your desk partners." I look at Percy. He looks at me back. His green eyes sparkle with mischief.

"Should we do Greek Mythology, Arachne and Athena," I ask.

"Nah," Percy responds.

"You drool when you sleep," I smirk. "And I'll tell the whole school if you don't do Arachne and Athena with me."

Percy flashed me the troublemaker grin that gets girls falling head over heels for him. "Fine, Chase," he mutters, still eying me. I look at him weirdly.

"Are you checking me out," I ask. He shakes his head vigorously. "Let's start," I say. Just then, a scrawny kid walks in and sits next to Percy. They start chatting, Percy filling him in. They keep messing around, until, somehow a chair hits somebody named Kelli in the butt as she stands up. I spot Leo slip a small screwdriver out of his pocket. One minute later, his desk is completely disassembled.

"Dude, really," Percy whispers. Leo nods. The school bell rings.

"Got to go, the Social Studies classroom wants another disassembled desk and a mop to the face," Leo states.


"Okay," Leo mutters.


When I got home and walked in the door, I was greeted by my step-mom, Helen, at the door. "Why the hell did you pop my tires this morning," she yells. I pull out my phone and scroll through Mr. Blofis's class on the school page. I spot Percy Jackson. I click on it and see his phone number. I click on his phone number and hit text.

Me - This is Annabeth. Can u get me at 172 Central Street?
Percy - Be there in 5. Watch for Ford Prius w/ 2 dents in the hood.

I got off my phone and pocket it. "Well," Helen roars. I spot a Ford Prius in the distance, racing over here at 60 mph, and gaining. I see Percy in the driver's seat. I look at Helen's car to see brand new wheels on it. I hear a car slam the brakes and hear Percy' s voice, urging me to hurry up. I turn around and see the passenger door open. I jump in and slam the door. I see Helen already in her car and pulling out.

"GO, GO, GO," I yell.


"What's the rush, Chase," I ask as she yells to go. I see a Subaru pulling out of the driveway, a woman behind it, and I realize. "Oh," I say. I slam the gas and fly out, leaving a trail of dust. "Where do you want to go," I ask.

"Your place," she yells back.


Once we arrive at my place, after the Subaru got pulled over, I got out and opened Annabeth's door for her. I gotta brace myself. Oh, God.

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