(17) Returning

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     Kain stared at his prisoners. They were nearly dead, their wounds had already attracted several vultures who continued pecking at them. Grinhad looked beyond furious, the days had passed as hell for them. Their cheekbones were clearly visible and they were a mess. The only thing keeping them alive was the food and being able to breathe. Their eyes were bloodshot, and they looked worse than beggars. Kain showed no pity to the men who had slain entire lands and make hundreds of other lives miserable. The only pity he showed to them, was keeping them alive. But if he were to leave, how would they live? Kain shrugged, they would manage.

    He straightened his back then slashed at the vultures, his spear passed through them like they were made of paper. As their limp bodies fell on the ground, Kain stared at his captives again.

  “Eat your meal,” he said.

  This time it was Mexan who shot him a look of pure hatred, but they didn’t complain, mostly because they couldn’t. The wind pinned them down on the ground, making them unable to  speak or move, now they could only move slightly to eat the dead meat that lay before them.

  “I will leave this place soon,” Kain said, knowing they can hear him, “but before I leave I will set you free and them you can either die by your own hands or survive here by your own accounts.”

   He didn’t wait for an answer. They came here obviously by some means of transport, and he found his answer as he stared farther down the horizon, at the black sea lay a large ship. He would take command of that ship and sail somewhere. Away from where was. The Deathlands was a land of death, a barren wasteland full of abominations that had long since been forgotten, powerful beings and the souls of the dead wandering around for eternity. This was hell, and he had come here, not because he had died but to hide from the world of evil. Knowing and understanding know he can’t unless he takes care of it himself. He was the former leader of Vazguerd, but he couldn’t serve his people but of his selfishness. So he trained Saran an gave up his position once he felt Saran was ready.

   But what am I now? Running away from the dark deeds I once committed. No . . . .no longer shall I flee while I am troubled with the images of the people I once killed. I am the remaining of the dwindled race of the dragoons. I must serve my kind with pride and bestow it the honor and dignity it once lost. The Empire will pay for slaying my kind and it shall be this spear that I hold in my hands that shall tear it to shreds. The lance that once caused evil and tarnished my name will now hold the fathomed light. I shall head to Vazguerd and talk with Saran. I will then let my name be known across Astrania again, but not as evil.


   The sun was already setting, it was time. He squatted down, and concentrated until felt the power running through his veins, a light blue aura swirled around him. A unique characteristic of the dragoons, they can leapt as high as space and come down witha roaring might that can extinguish anything. He was holding back right now however, his jump right now would take him several leagues, close enough to the ship. Once he sets sail and leaves the Deathlands far, far behind him, he’ll release the power of the wind setting the Empire’s men free and harnessing the wind he’ll propel the ship even farther, out of range from the spellcaster’s magic then with the power of the wind at his side it’ll take him a short few days to reach the nearest continent, with a few hefty jumps it’ll take an hour or less to reach Vazguerd.

  He finally released the power and he soared the air, he landed with a large impact that sent large dust clouds into the air, the earth cracked under his might. He swirled his spear into the air, and it turned into a lance. He walked the large plank onto the ship and immediately wasted no time. Thankfully the Empire’s men were overconfident and went alone to face me, otherwise I would have to deal with an army, not that I would no difficulty defeating them . .

  Kain removed the lock from the steering wheel and spun it around. The ship groaned then started slowly moving and setting sail again. Kain lifted his palms in the air until he felt the wind currents picking up, he thrust forward his palms and the wind let loose, a blast of air pushed the old ship off the water, it glided on the water for a few seconds then lifted forward and shot through the sky.

 That’s one way of having an airship, Kain smirked. Remarking as the ship glided through the sky.

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