Chapter 26

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Argent POV

"Be careful buddy. I don't think I can take over as Alpha one day if you aren't going to be here with me."

I mean it. I mean every word. I can't imagine being at the helm of the pack without James, he is my best friend and the best guy I have ever known. Watching him get ready to leave is turning me into a big pussy.

"Oh, is the big tough Alpha going to cry?"

James teases but he pulls me into a hug. More than just the usual bro hug. We stay like this until the girls cough a little behind us, pretending to hug and kiss each other. I shoot them a look but they just laugh and then hug for real.

I pull apart from James and place my hands on his shoulders.

"Seriously though, take care. And call every night."

"I will. And you be careful out there with the packs, your trip is way more dangerous than ours is going to be."

James walks around to Aida. She has tears already flowing freely.

"I only just found you and now I'm leaving you." He says to her, cupping her face.

"I know. Please be careful, I can't lose you."

He nods and wraps his arms around her. They stay like this for a while and then he slowly releases her.

I reach and shake hands with James and I give Jemma a hug just before she gets into the car. James kisses Aida on the head and walks to the drivers side and gets in.
Aida comes to stand with me and I pull her into a tight embrace as we wave and watch Jemma and James head off to the Strand pack base.

"This feels odd." I say to her.

"This feels shit." She says back and puts her face into my shoulder.

I pull her around to the front of me and wrap her up completely.

"This feels a bit better." Her muffled voice says from next to my chest.

She lets out a little laugh.

"Yeah, I know something that would feel even better." I say with a wink and she shoves me backwards.

"Somebody has tickets on himself."

She laughs and heads for the steps.

I catch up to her and grab her hand. Without thinking I lead us back up to my room. It's only early still so I figure we can get a few hours of extra sleep before we start her training again today.

I may have other things in mind too.

As we get to the door I see she has finally realised what my plan is. Alone time.

"Hey buddy, what exactly do you think we are doing here?"

She stops and puts her back to the door. Hmm. I like this even more. I walk towards her slowly, I place my hands on either side of her head, pushing her slowly and gently against the door. I wiggle my eyebrows up and down. She just laughs softly.

"Have I mentioned the part about mate marking?"
I whisper in her ear, the slight brush of my lips on her left ear lobe makes her shiver.

"Ah, no but I have read a little about it in the light reading you gave me." She chuckles nervously.

Her voice is low and carries a slight hint of excited energy about it.

"Hmmm have you. So, what did you read?"

I hum into her ear, trailing light kisses from her ear lobe to her neck. The shivering reaction increases the lower i go.

"Hmmm well, the ah, book said that, that.."

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