Chapter Nineteen

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THE REST OF THE DAY turned out ordinary. Homesick and desperate for normality, I'd checked out the school's swimming pool for free periods. It won't ever compare to the ocean, but it counted for something.

I ate lunch with Emma, Sam and Jen. Adam had stopped by but didn't linger as his friends waited at another table. Glancing at the table up front, next to the doors, I noticed the empty seat next to the tall, dark-skinned girl surrounded by other kids--Luc's usual spot. The girl met my stare and a massive scowl etched on her face. I quickly looked away then blinked a few times to make sure I hadn't hallucinated it. I looked again. Her eyes glared right back like she wanted to shove my head in the toilet bowl. She won't let go anytime soon. 

Through the end, the bell rang and I gathered my homework. I wondered if Luc would be there to 'escort' me home like he said he would, given that he hadn't been to school today. The sun shone high in the sky, and it was almost the end of September. If Wanderers came out at night, then why bother?

I emerged from the double doors and walked over the paved entry, cutting through the grass. I started to round the parking lot when a dark head of tousles appeared, leaning over a car like he had no care in the world.

"I didn't think you'd really do it," I let out, astonished.

Luc gave a superstar smile accentuated by the pair of sunglasses. "I'm full of surprises, Sunshine." He pointed his chin towards his car. "Now, get in. I don't have all day."

I rolled my eyes and crossed the distance between me and the vehicle, ignoring him as he opened my door. I could sense half of the campus gawking but pushed the thought away. It was beyond embarrassing.

"Thanks," I mumbled and sat down.

Luc got around his car and behind the wheel, paying no heed to the students. "How's the scar doing?"

My fingers, as if by instinct, brushed the bite mark over the fabric of my sweater. "It's fine. The swelling is completely gone."

Without lifting a hand, the radio activated and music filled the void. I turned my head over to the window to watch the little town dissolve into dense forest, a show I never grew tired of. It was different from the beach, the sand and the rocks, but it was pretty. I could lose myself in this view.

"Are you watching the house today?"

"Yeah. It's my turn because I practically forced my friends last night. I don't have a choice."

I wanted to say nothing made him do all this, and I hated the idea of being monitored until further notice, but I hated even more getting killed. I had no real reason to complain. Next to the threat, putting up with Luc's crap was worthwhile. When this would be all over, we'd go on with our separate lives and never speak to each other again. Win-win. Luc stopped in the empty driveway of my house and gave me a look.

"You don't plan on telling your father about all this anytime soon, do you?"

The hand that hovered over my buckle stilled. I hadn't intended to keep it from him long-term, but I lied. "No... Why?"

"This stays between you and me. I can't have this spread from one person to another, if people would even believe it."

"Then why is it not a problem that Emma knows about you?"

His brows furrowed and hard lines appeared around the corners of his mouth. "That's different. It was an accident, and I can't change it. We don't ever reveal ourselves to humans. It's a law to us."

"But you broke that law. You literally showed yourself doing the light bulb thing or whatever it's called..."

"It's harnessing light," he corrected. "And yes, I had to do it in order to find you and heal your injuries. There was no other way this time, not like when I knocked you unconscious and tucked you to bed."

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