First school dance ever: A Homecoming Chapter

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I didn't understand.

They looked at me as I stood there. I got a pretty dress and shoes.

Then I saw Cole walk over and grab his coat, "Rain, let's go."

"What," I asked him.

"You're going to that dance," he said. I smiled as I walked over and put on my coat.  We left. I get to go to the dance.

Antonio's POV

Shit. I was late. Rain probably thinks I'm not coming. I walked up and knocked on the door.

Her dad opened it and looked at me, "I'm really sorry. I went out to my car and had a flat. My dad and I had a hard time getting the lug nuts off. Please tell me Rain isn't upset."

"Rain isn't here."


"I think if you make it to the dance you might catch her," he said with a look.

"Thanks," I said turning around and running to my car.  I pulled out and drove to the dance. I almost got pulled over by the cops. Yeah didn't need that.

I pulled up to the dance and got out of the car. I ran inside and looked around. Where was she? Then I saw her. She was with Cole.

I walked over to her. When I reached her, she said, "you're late."

"I know and I'm sorry. I had a flat tire," I apologized.

"I almost missed the dance," she crossed her arms.

"I know and I swear, I'm really sorry."

"Well, you should have called," I said emphatically.

"I promise to call you if I'm ever going to be late," I pleaded with her. Cole was trying not to laugh.

"How about we danced," I suggested as I held out my hand.

"If you insist," she sighed as she took my hand. I led her to the dance floor. I took her and and she placed her other hand on my shoulder. I placed my hand on her lower back. Then we started to move.

As we danced, she looked at her feet.

"Rain, what are you doing?"

"I'm counting. That's what the instructions said to do," she said as she looked at her feet.

"Look at me," I said as she lifted her head, "follow my lead."

We moved as the song played. Then I pulled her close to me as I held her. She laid her head on my chest. That's all it took for me to realize I didn't just like Rain but I fell for her.

I held her as we danced. This felt so right and natural.  To me Rain had all qualities I wanted in someone. She was smart, funny, honest and most importantly a beautiful soul. She radiates beauty because of it.  It just took them pairing me with her to see it.

At that moment, I was glad they introduced me to her. As we danced, Cole walked over and whispered in her ear. She nodded and he turned and walked away.

He left her for me to take her home. That was fine by me. It gave us more time to dance.

We spent most of the dance, having fun. I didn't care what I looked like, I was having a lot of fun. She laughed and smiled a lot and that made me happy.

Towards the end, I took her home. When we arrived, I walked her to her door. She turned to me, "thank you Antonio. I had fun."

"I had a blast," I smiled.

"I'm going to go now," she announced.

"Wait. There's something I want to do," I said stopping her.

"What?" She looked at me confused.

"This," I said as I gently placed my hands on her face. I leaned in and brushed my lips against her. She tensed then pressed her lips to mine. I think she understood what I was doing.

I kissed her and deepened it. Her lips were so soft and at first she wasn't sure what she was doing but followed my lead. I moved my hands from her face to around her back as she placed her arms around my neck.

We stood there for what seem like forever, kissing

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We stood there for what seem like forever, kissing. I have never felt like this with anyone. With Rain it felt like something awoken inside of me. That's when I realized, I not only fell for her but I entered her world.

It was a world of amazement and wonder. It was a world I wanted to be part of.

We stopped kissing as I placed my forehead against hers, "that was amazing."

"I was good," she asked me.

"You were very good. I like you a lot Rain. You make me a better person. I would like to be a part of your world if you let me," I said to her.

"I would like that because I like your hugs and I like kissing. It's fun," she said simply causing me to chuckle as I kissed her again. She smiled against my lips and for me that was enough.

I couldn't wait to be a part of her world. I had a feeling it was going to be amazingly beautiful.

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