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"You bitch," you cursed at Jungkook as he happily ate his chips.

"Oh come on, it wasn't that bad," he rolled his eyes. 


"How was your day dear," the cashier said, trying to ease the awkward situation.

"U-uh great," you quickly replied, awkwardly starching your neck.

"Woah, noona! I want candy," Jungkook said. It hard to believe how kinky he can get at home.

"Ok, but first I need to buy these pills..." you hesitated, remembering you're in front of a cashier, "...For aunty S-Sally"

The cashier seemed to ease up a bit.

"Well I hope you have a wonderful day dear," the cashier waved as she gave us the change.

End of Flashback

"Did you know how embassing that was!" you shouted.

"Oh, come on!"

Little did you know, while you were embarrassed out of you pants, Jungkook was a cocky shit. He felt proud the was somewhat able to impregnate you. He was sure you would mother his kits.

"Anyways," he began, "Can we watch Naruto together now?"

'istg how can this dude become daddy to a fetus in a second.'

You sighed, "fine."



You watched as Jungkook ran around the house like Naruto.

Chuckling, you began recording him on the phone.

This is a keeper

Jungkook looked at you, noticing you've been recording him the entire time.

"Ah noona! Don't record me >.<" Jungkook pouted. you chucked as you walked over to him. Patting his head, you brought him to the couch.

"Let's cuddle," you said. He immediately wrapped his arms and leg around you. You stoked his soft, brown hair.

A/n: I know, I haven't updated for like- four weeks. I sorry! I was kinda busy. Sorry this isn't a smut. I've been feeling soft lately. cuz like

YOOnGi sTOb BeiNG so fUvKing AdoRAble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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