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The setting for this scene is in a dark alley way not so far from the city.

"Heh... looks like the human world is out next target.." said a male voice.

A women figure stood in a shadow along with a male figure. The women turned to face the wall, pulling out her fingers and running them down the wall.

"Ugh... this place isn't as refined as my tastes..." the women said, disgusted.

"Then what is your taste?" said the male voice, sarcastically.

"Oh shut up! No one asked for your opinion Luke" snapped the women.

The sun shone on the alley revealing the young man called Luke, who was wearing a black cloak. He covered the sunlight in his eyes.

"Ack! This place is so bright!" He said, as he pulled his hood, covering his untidy black hair.

Then the women stepped out of her shadow, revealing dark purple hair which was a little visible from her hood.

"Well, the faster we capture Precure, the faster we can get out of this horrid place..." She said, folding her arms.

Then Luke took out what seemed like a black bow and a long black arrow. Then he shot the arrow at a nearby fence.

"I believe that your right, Luna"

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