#1: The Coffee Spill (Lauren)

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"See you tommorrow?" Demi asked and yawned.

I stood in the doorway and looked at my best friend who was sprawled out on the couch in her dressing room at the backstage of The X Factor.

"See you tommorrow", I confirmed and opened the door as I heard her phone going off.

Throwing a quick glance at her, I saw a grin that crawled up her face when she looked at the phone. I smirked immediately.

"Hey, Demi?"


"Tell Wilmer I say hi."

Her smile was replaced with a death glare in half a second and she reached up behind her head to grab a small cushion.

"Demetria Lovato, don't even thi--"

The cushion flew across the room and I screamed as I jumped back into the hallway, slamming the door shut as if my life depended on it. Demi's muffled groan and "at least I have a date" were heard on the other side when the cushion collided with the door.

I was about to let out a sigh of relief when I felt a body crashing against mine and a gasp following right after.

My mouth was opened in shock as I lowered my head and felt hot liquid soaking my shirt and sliding down my stomach and a white cup of coffee laying on the floor right next to my feet.

A female raspy voice filled my ears "Oh fuck! I am so so sorry, I wasn't even looking I was on my phone and then you just came out of nowhere and..." she slowly trailed off when I lifted my gaze up to her.

Her captivating green eyes somehow seemed familiar to me and she narrowed them as if she was reading my mind.

"Do I know you?" she stared at me intensely.

"I was about to ask the same thing. I'm Y/N, Demi's friend."

"Oh yeah... you were with her tonight after the show, right?"

I nodded, still slightly confused by the gorgeous girl in front of me. She probably noticed it because the next thing she did was extend her hand to me which I glady accepted with a smile playing on both of our faces.

"Lauren Jauregui. Fifth Harmony", she pointed at my stomach and pulled a face which I found incredibly cute "I owe you a shirt."

I chuckled and mimicked her movement as I pointed at the cup on the floor "I owe you a coffee."

"Well..." she started "we could take care of that."

"Are you suggesting I should take my shirt off?"

"What, no. Ye-- No, I mean-- It's not what I meant, ugh, you know..." she scratched the back of her neck and I started laughing at her nervousness.

"Easy, Jauregui. I'm just kidding", she blushed and looked at me as I continued "Can I borrow your phone though?"

"Sure", she handed it to me instantly considering it was already in her hand.

As I dropped my gaze to her phone, I felt her eyes burning a hole on top of my head. It made me nervous in a good way, except for the fact it took me about 5 minutes to type my number in her contacts.

I finally handed her her phone back and she smiled at me warmly, suddenly making my heart skip a beat. Her emerald eyes distracted me for a few moments until a shout echoed between the two walls of a hallway we were standing in.


Lauren rolled her eyes and turned around "I'm coming, Mani!", she shouted back at, I supposed, her bandmate.

She was pressing her lips together when she faced me again and my heart wanted to crash them against mine while my head was shocked by the effect the girl I just had met had on me.

"I should go... I'll call you when I get some time, okay?"

I simply nodded "Okay."



A small smirk made its way to her face "Stop flirting with me."

Yep. At that moment both my heart and my head wanted to kiss her. But I resisted... somehow.

"Okay", was all I managed to say before she turned on her heels and disappeared at the end of the long hallway.

I grinned to myself and leaned my back on Demi's dressing room door, shutting my eyes for a peaceful moment until the Devil Herself screamed on the other side "AWW THAT WAS SO CUTE!!"

I didn't even had time to react because she opened the door in one quick move, causing me to fall on the floor and wince in pain as my back hit the tiles.


"I will fucking kill you", I said through my gritted teeth, trying to grab her leg.

She took a step back "Shush, at least you got a date."

I spotted a cushion she almost had hit me with previously next to the door as I grabbed it without her noticing. The cushion flew out of my hand as fast as it could, hitting Demi right in the face. She stumbled backwards and over her feet, gasping as she fell on her butt. My head leaned back on the floor and I let out a sigh of relief.

"Payback, bitch."

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