Chapter 4

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3rd person POV
The giant ship eventually got consumed by a giant, black fog. As our... "Hero" flew through the fog, The battle ship started to fly lower down.

(YN): Where are we going?!
Bowser JR: To my moms castle...

Turning over to Bowser JR, (YN) looked at her with confusion.

(YN): your mom? Because you were supposed to kidnap the princess?
Bowser JR: mhm...

Reader POV
I could tell that the small turtle human girl thing was... Scared. No doubt she has reason to be. If what peach said about her was true, she must be some form of a tyrant. As we grew closer and closer, I felt my heart sink as a giant castle stood above a pool of lava... Bowser JR ordered for me to be restrained and I was...


Bowser JR: Move it! Move on! C'mon, Mom is getting impatient!

The Koopas all carried me into the castle and locked the door. Once we were inside, a small koopa with a blue coat and a wand started to use their wand to change the environment... Almost like teleportation? I was then blindfolded and tried to break away from their grip.

Bowser JR: Wha- H-Hey! You're supposed t-
???: JUNIOR?!

I tensed up and started to panic... Who was that?!

Bowser JR: M-Mom...before y-you get m-mad...
???: Where is the princess?! What is... That?!
Bowser JR: U-Um... The g-goombas grabbed the w-wrong person...
???: You mean to tell me... That even after giving you an ARMY, you STILL FAILED YOUR ONE OBJECTIVE?!
Bowser JR:...s-sorry..

I heard a deep sigh as I heard footsteps approach me.

???: Move. NOW!

I was dropped as the koopas moved as they were told. I felt someone grab my collar roughly and lift me up with one arm...intimidating strength. The blindfold was ripped off and I kept my eyes closed... The figure grabbed me by the throat and I could feel a glare burn through me... I opened my eyes slightly and my eyes shot open...

 I opened my eyes slightly and my eyes shot open

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Queen Bowsette... The very tyrant that Princess Peach warned me about. I couldn't help but stare into her eyes, being almost captivated by them. Her grip on my throat tightened as she hissed, dropping me as she pressed her foot onto me, forcing me down.

Bowsette: So instead of catching me the princess... You catch me another human.
Bowser JR: s-sorry mom...

Bowsette growled and Bowser JR picked up Chompy, sprinting through a hall. The tyrant turned over to the hall and sighed, snapping her fingers as several of Koopas surrounded me.

Bowsette: Put him into a cage. I'll think of a way I can make him an advantage.

As the Koopas all scrambled around to put me into one of the near by cages by her throne, I saw Bowsette walk through the hall that her daughter walked through.

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