Chapter 1

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One more warning about upcoming chapters. It will be graphic and u will not sensor any swearing. So if you are not okay with that, please take your exit.

Vanessa Hudgens acts as Elysia Lylac in my mind. Feel free to imagine whoever you wish.


I was walking down the street with my German Shepherd, Triton, on a cold fall evening. I got off my job, as a secretary for a principal at a well known highschool, and I now have some free time.

I like to spend my free time at home, drinking tea and hot chocolate or with my doggo, going for walks in the park.

Triton is a well trained dog. He has been my companion for three years now. Yes, he is young.

I trained him myself, so he now knows how to protect me and himself from danger.

I do live in the lower class neighborhood in my area so I like to be extra careful.

We finally made it to the park. I usually bring a ball to play fetch with Triton on boring days like this.

I don't have a lot of friends so I don't go out much and it's a little boring being at home when I could be outside, enjoying the cold, but beautiful weather of fall.

I love when the fallen leaves crunching under your warm shoes. And I love the colour of the leaves when they finally land on he ground.

I threw the ball super far and had Triton run after it.

I looked around the park and thought back to when I was a kid. I only have a few memories but I remember my parents used to push me on the rusty swings and push me down the slide.

They used to chase me around the play ground. I remember once, I scraped my knee because I slipped on the small bridge of the playground.

My mom rushed to my side, picked me up and we went for ice cream instead.

I felt a cold, wet nose touch my hand and I snapped back to reality, remembering that I was playing fetch.

I took the ball from doggo's mouth and threw it while saying "fetch"!

Triton bolted after it at the speed of light.

I suddenly got sad remembering my parents. They died of TB which was being spread throughout the area.

When my parents cought it, they made me stay at one of their friends house, so I wouldn't catch it from them.

They just wanted me to be safe.

I remember my mum coughing up blood before I was dragged out if the house by Jeremy, my dad's friend.

Jeremy passed away a few years ago, which left me on my own.

I managed to avoid foster care and orphanages.

I just went from here to there, picking up scraps where I could get them.

Triton made his way back to me.

I threw the ball a couple more times before I decided to take another small walk before it got too late, then go back home.

Triton and I left the park and made our way through a path by a small forest that led back to the neighborhood.

We were walking for a few moments and that is when I heard it.

The screams. Woman, men, children screaming bloody murder.

It pained my ears and my heart to think of what was going on.

Each person has got one mode. Fight or flight.

You may think I'm a complete idiot, but I can't run when people are being hurt.

As fast as lightening, I bolted down the path by the forest. I lived pretty close to the park so it didn't take long to get back to my area.

I finally arrived to our neighborhood with Triton right beside me, slightly panting.

I quickly looked around and what I saw horrified me. Men and children killed, stabbed, chests ripped out, blood everywhere.

But what slightly confused me was that there were very few woman killed.

Maybe they escaped. My subconscious told me.

I began looking for survivors. I hoped that not all of them were dead, so one could explain what happened.

It seems as though and army attacked here.

This is a very small neighborhood but a couple people can't do all this damage.

I then realized that I heard not even a peep.

There was an eery silence around me and I heard my heart hammering in my chest.

Triton started to growl lowely and I knew something was coming.

As I scanned my surrounding, all I saw was dead bodies and broken houses.

As if an army of assassin's came here and murdered every living thing in sight.

I could even see a few dead dogs in the distance.

The stench of death and blood filled my nostrils and gave me a slight headache.

I felt light.

I felt like throwing up from all this death and gore.

Triton's growls got louder, his ears went flat against his head, he got closer to me, dug his nails in the ground and looked around frantically as if he could sense danger from all around us.

I thought that now could be a good time to run. I was sure that there maybe only a few survivors if that, so I decided to keep myself alive.

I was in the wide open space and I needed to hide. Whoever did this was about to find me if I didn't move.

I quickly bolted it to a nearby shed that, I assumed, belonged to a neighbor.

With Triton right beside me I swung the door open, only to be ripped away from it and shoved to the ground.

My head hit the concrete, and all I saw was a blurry image of Triton attacking a huge, what look to be, human.

I saw a few more come into view and let me just say they were very tall from what my blurry eyes could see. Triton couldn't handle them all. He was growling, barking, panting and making threatening noises. I tried to get up, but I couldn't move my body.

My vision was blur and the last thing I saw before I blacked out was Triton whimper loudly then fall to the ground, drenched in his own blood.

How is it so far? Boring? I know and I'm sorry. I wanted to give you insight on her background story and all.

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