Chapter 19

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I woke up and wiped my eyes. I walked to the bathroom and made myself ready for today. I wasn't really sure what I would do today but that was a life of a shadowhunter.

I could forget going on missions for a long time as I was in danger already because of my reckless behaviour and I did not blame them for it. I was stupid and did not know in what kind of danger I truly was in.

As I got ready I walked out of my room and luckily did not face Alec. I will try avoiding. Probably for the rest of my life. We were just friends. I walked down the office and saw Izzy talking to Liz. I rolled my eyes and did not want to face Liz. It was just because I was jealous of her. I turned myself around to go away.

"Clary!" I heard Izzy call me and I cursed Izzy in my mind for calling me. I turned myself around and smiled at both of them and walked towards them. Liz looked at me but did not say anything. I saw her almost kissing Alec.

"We need to go on a mission. Do you want to join?" She asked and I was debating in myself if I should go or not. I was anxious about it too. I was scared that something could happen to me and I honestly was not ready for it and despite that Jace wouldn't let me go. He would ground me for it.

"She can't. She is not trained properly." Liz said and I shoot her a glare. Don't she even dare to interfere in my personal life. Who the fuck does she think she is?

"Well, I am more powerful than you as everyone knows I have pure angelic blood and I might come in handy as I already burned Alec." I said annoyed and pointed out the part where I was talking about Alec. Liz sighed annoyed.

"Whatever." She said and left. Izzy looked in confusion at me and was lost about what just happened.

"What did I miss?" She asked me and I signed. Could I even tell her? I mean Izzy was his sister.

"Liz almost kissed Alec when I was searching for him." I said and I heard Izzy gasp. She was clearly in shock and did not know that it happened, which made me realise that they were not really close.

Liz would have told Izzy if they were but she held it for herself. What an annoying brat.

"Does it bother you?" Izzy asked me and my heart dropped out of my chest. Of course, it bothered me seeing Alec with someone else but how could I confess about this as he does not feel the same way? I would just make a fool out of myself.

"No, it was just quite shocking to see." I lied and Izzy nodded.

"I guess she is angry because you interrupted their moment." Izzy said and when Izzy her words left her mouth it almost made it cave in my heart and it hurts me because I don't want to see Alec with someone else than just me. But he did not feel that way and I could not force him to feel that way. I would never do that.

"I guess so." I agreed with Izzy. I begged the angel to not let Izzy realise that it did bother me and that I hated Liz for almost kissing Alec.

"Let's go. We have to kill some demons. I am sure it will make you feel happier after that." Izzy said and I nodded. We both walked to the weapon room and I took a seraph blade and two other blades and put it in my pocket. I saw Liz standing and waiting for us and I acknowledge her.

"Let's go." Izzy said after we were all set up. We portalled to a building and I frowned and looked at Izzy in confusion. A business building.

"How is this possible?" I asked in confusion and Izzy shrugged.

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