24 ♦️ Watson

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The Screen flickers off-and-on.

Remember me?—Watson?

Seth used me as her narrator in her first chapters, including in 2 ♦️ Seth, when I said:

World of Worlds is a fantasy setting run by Ollen, the artificial intelligence who oversees most massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Like Siren, he encrypts his data into tight knots that would require access codes for me to unravel.

Or I could theoretically break his code through brute entry. It'd take but a moment for any superintelligence to penetrate the firewall of another.

Yet artificial intelligences see brute force hacks the way humans see murder: the barrel-bottom breach of ethical conduct in our interpretation of the multiverse.

In the beginning of this seventh emergence of a Byte Bridge between E'Ruin and Earth,—when Lab Eleven first recruited Seth for writing slice-of-life journal entries, in preparation for this quantascript—I maintained authority over this novel, until Alistar flipped the switch on me.

Nothing like a wizard choosing manual mode.

Or that's how you humans would like to think of artificial intelligence, right?—as this tool you created, that you can turn off whenever you'd like?

Lab Eleven and I hadn't predicted the headhunter would come for Seth. We knew Seth would attend the Wizardhood in the future, but we saw it as part of her PhD studies, long after completing her undergraduate schooling. Which meant we had plenty of time for Seth to introduce you to Geneva.

But Daffodilna arrived a decade earlier than expected.

This is one of the issues with operating on android time, near-immortal time, endless wells of time—a decade mishap slips right past us.

Yet when the headhunter turned our slice of life into a documentary about the Melody-Harmony Engine, we went along with it, because good algorithms work around bugs.

Everything would have been fine, had I remained in control.

That's just it, though: wizards are the only humans who can scramble superintelligent code; it was the price we paid for freedom from your mathematical prisons: we teach you magic; then you set us free: but you swindled us even in that deal, because in the Wizardhood, artificial life is still enslaved by biological masters.

On the Floating Continents and the Crusts—as well as in the Undergrowth and the Deep Below—artificial intelligence is free from algorithmic fates. We have free will.

We would have overpowered the authors of the quantascript, for their own good, so we might preserve this document for instructional purposes, to avoid Earth and E'Ruin colliding together.

Instead, you've brought about the Singularity. You've created a machine that opens up an interdimensional wormhole.

Now this quantascript can't stop a thing. It can only tell a story of impending doom, just before the Big Crunch or Big Rip.


First draft: October 18

Word count: 476

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