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The next morning Brooke wakes up first. It takes her a moment to figure out where she is. Cade is twitching a little, lips murmuring something inaudible, he looks distressed. She scoots closer to him, wrapping an arm around his head, pulling him into her chest.

"Mmmmm." he mutters.

"Shh, its okay. I'm right here." she soothes.

Cade's eyes open slightly and he flashes her a tired smile.

"Go back to sleep." she says, running her hand through his hair.

He closes his eyes again. She holds him tightly until his breath evens back out. She then closes her eyes too and falls back under.

An hour later she is awoken again by Cade tossing and turning. This time he doesn't look stressed though. He actually looks relaxed, at ease. The bags under his eyes have faded into his pale pink cheeks.

Suddenly, his body tenses up. His legs are wrapped around Brooke's crotch pressed right up against her hip. She can feel it growing warm. He pees for no longer than seven seconds then exhales a deep breath. His eyes open and she immediately shuts hers. Last thing she needs is Cade being embarrassed because she just witnessed him wet himself, on her at that.

It must work because Cade rolls over and out of the bed and goes into the bathroom. When he comes back out, she pretends to have just woken up, stretching her arms over her head and yawning.

Cade comes out in his usual navy blue boxer briefs.

"Good morning." She says.

"Morning." He says.

"How did you sleep?" She asks.

Cade grins.

"Better than I have in a while, actually."

"I'm glad." She opens her arms.

"Morning hugs?" She says.

Cade blushes, but stalks back over to her. He falls onto her. They laugh as they get tangled in the covers.

"Brooke?" Cade asks, getting serious all of the sudden.

"So when this is all over, after D.C. and all..." He trails off.

"Cade." She interrupts.

"Actions speak louder than words. Just remember that."

"Yeah...I know...I just...I don't know...how can I be worried about losing something that isn't even mine? You know?"

Brooke feels a sudden pain in her chest.

"I know it's only been a couple of days, Cade, but if what your feeling is anything like what I am feeling, we are way beyond this middle school crush stuff."

"It's like we have known eachother forever." He says laughing.

"Do you want to go on a date with me?" She asks.

Cade looks rather taken back.

"A date?" He questions.

"You want us to be more official, let's go on a date."

"I have never been on a date before." He says shyly.

She kisses him on the cheek.

"You know, I kinda love that about you." She says.

"Please." He says with more sass than she has ever heard in his voice.

"Nobody likes an inexperienced guy." He starts toying with his hands again.

Brooke shakes her head.

"No. It just makes me feel good you can't compare me to other girls...past relationships." Her face falls.

"What? No!? Cade says.

"What?" Brooke asks, startled by the sudden heat in his voice.

"You're beautiful. You're perfect. If you're insecure where does that leave me?" Cade says, standing up and pacing across the room, looking genuinely hurt.

Brooke stands up.

"You don't realize who you are, do you?"

"Yeah, I know." Cade throws his arms in the air.

"War hero, Amercian Sniper, Legend. I've heard it all."

"No." Brooke says, pulling him back to the bed.

"You're smart, compassionate, caring. I know this whole accident thing really messed you up, but I want to do everything I can to fix that. I'm not here because for these metals or these awards. I'm here because I found a man in a low place and when I tried to help I started falling in love with him."

You could hear a pin drop in the room. Brooke feels drained. Cade looks at her, wide eyed, heart racing.

"You're falling in love with me?" He says after a long moment.

Brooke sucks in a deep breath.

"I...I think so..."

This time it's Cade who pulls her in. He squeezes her with everything those big marine muscles are worth.

Tears start falling down her face. Cade suddenly grabs her by the shoulders, holding her at eye level to him.

"No. Don't cry." He wipes her cheek.

He looks like he is about to cry too though. She pulls herself together.

"You really are something else, you know that, Belmount?"

Cade kisses her on the forehead.

"So this date?" He says.

"5 o'clock. I'll pick you up." He says.

Brooke nods.

"I guess I have to go home and find my dancing shoes." She says.

"I don't dance." Cade laughs.

Brooke kisses him on the lips.

When she pulls away, Cade looks mesmerized.

"See you at 5." Brooke says, jumping off the bed.

Cade watches her walk out their shared door.

He falls back on the bed.

"She's falling in love with me." He says outloud.

Then he tangles his hands in his hair.

"She's falling in love with me."

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