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Dina's POV

Here in our world now the rules are different. You don't get up and go to school or work. Now you get up and hope you're still alive. Some of us are lucky. Me being one of them. I found a group and shelter.

We call our little 'town' Alexandria. We have walls and gates and good protection from the outside world. Outside world meaning mostly the walkers. People on the outside we try to bring in as many as we can, some are harder to get to and some think we're a threat. We do what we have to do to survive.

That's what I'm doing right now, along with Gretchen, another girl from Alexandria. I'm trying to find people to come with us. The more people we have the stronger we get. That's what Deanna, our 'leader', always says anyway. So she sends out groups of mostly 2 to find people. The only problem is you take one look at me and you think I need help. Maybe it's because I'm a girl or maybe it's because I look young for my age or probably both.

"I think I hear someone." I whisper to her as we walk through the trees.

"It's probably nothing." She whispers back. She's new and she's not very good at this job.

I turn around after hearing a twig snap and my eyes land on a walker. I take my knife out of my pocket and right before I'm about to stab it in the head a bullet goes through it's eye. I pause and turn around to Gretchen.

"Why the hell did you just do that? Now if anyone is around they will run and you might have attracted walkers. We do it silently what is wrong with you?" I whisper yell.

"I'm sorry-" I cut her off rolling my eyes. "I'm sure you are. Just let me do the killing." I say the hear more leaves and twigs breaking. I look over and see maybe a dozen walkers.

"Ok I know I just said let me do the killing, but I might need your help with these. Remember use your knife." I say walking up to them and stabbing one. I see her follow shortly behind trying to stab one.

One falls on top of her and she uses her hand to keep its mouth away from biting her all while screaming. I kill the one next to me and go stab hers in the head. I finish them off and she stands up crying.

"You're fine." I say and put my knife away.

"Can we please go back?" She says wiping her tears. Smearing blood that got on her face. I nod not wanting to fight with her any longer.


The gates open and we walk in. Gretchen's whole family comes running up to her and I keep walking.

"Hey why the hell is she crying?" Gretchen's brother Ty yells running up to me pulling my arm to make me turn around.

"She got attacked by a walker." I say turning back around.

"And you didn't do anything to help her?" He says pulling me back again.

"Does she look dead to you? If I wasn't there she would be dead. Okay? Dead. She's not hurt, she's not bit. She's fine. So leave me the hell alone and don't touch me ever again." I say ripping his hand off my arm and walking away.

I head to Deannas house to talk to her about Gretchen and I see a group of people I've never seen before waiting on her porch most likely to talk to her about staying here. I walk past them and up the steps and walk right into her house.

"Deanna!" I yell looking for her and she comes out of her study.

"What?" She says looking alarmed.

"Gretchen is not ready to be a recruiter and she needs serious training. She almost got herself and me killed." I say angrily.

"Thanks for the update. Now don't ever storm into my house again. I could have been naked you know." She says putting a hand on her hip.

"Oh shut up." I say laughing. I walk out and Deanna follows to get the people on her porch.


I walk around getting some chores done around the town saying hi to a couple people I pass. I didn't bother cleaning up so I still have blood and dirt on my face and clothes. I grab an apple out of a basket as I pass one of the old people we have here.

"Hey Janet." I say taking a bite.

"Hello dear." She says as she keeps walking.

I walk up to the weapon cart and put the big gun I had for the run dropping it in. I'm about to walk away when Deanna walks up to me with the group of people following behind.

"Dina these people will be joining Alexandria. Aaron will be showing them around." She says and I nod.

"Well welcome, I'll be in the house right in front of yours if you need anything." I say nodding then walk away. New people means more feelings.


The people in the new groups names are,

Rick who is the leader, Carl and Judith who are his children, Glenn who is married to Maggie and her sister Beth. Abraham, Eugene And Rosita who keep to them selves. Carol is very happy. Tara and Sasha who also keeps to themselves. Michonne who seems very close to Daryl. Noah who seems really close to Beth. Last but not least is Father Gabriel who looks as scary as his name is.

It's now around maybe midnight and I'm on night patrol with a couple other people. Those people are Milo and Joseph, they are the druggies. I don't know where they find weed but I'm only here cause they are on drugs and I'm basically their babysitter.

"Hey pretty lady." Joseph says sitting next to me.

"We've been through this, you come flirt with me every time we have night shift together and I tell you to go fuck yourself. So go fuck yourself." I say turning to him at the last part.

"Well we should change something this time." He says putting a hand on my knee.

"I will throw you off this tower if you don't stop." I say grabbing his hand and throwing it off me.

"You ain't strong enough baby." He says scooting closer.

"You don't want to find out." I say and he tries to lean in.

"Dude come look at this guy! He is wearing a dress." Milo says pointing to a walker on the other side of the wall.

"I think that's a girl." Joseph says looking closer.

"Don't go to close to the edge you are so high right now you don't think it's as close as it actually is." I say standing up. It's only 15 feet but that's taller than you think.

"What?" Joseph says turning around but trips over his foot and goes right over the edge.

"Joseph!" Me and Milo both yell.

"I'm good." He says groaning. We both sigh but then see more walkers come from the trees to the right.

"Joseph hurry!" I yell and tell Milo to go get more help.

I jump down from the wall onto a crate and go help Joseph get up. I grab my knife from my pocket and put him behind me. He's still high and I can tell he landed on his back and it hurts. I stab the walkers as they come towards us and a group of 3 come at me. I manage to get 2 down but one falls right on top of me taking me down with it. I push it up with my hand and stab it. It goes limp and I don't move for a second.

"Dina!" I hear and push it off of me to see Reg, Deanna's husband.

I stand up and look back at Joseph to see him laying down with a walker ripping into him. I walk up to it and stab it and fall to the ground. I stab Joseph in the head and stand up to and turn around to Reg and Milo.

"Thats what they get for being high." Is all I say and walk back into the town. I see some people out of their house and keep walking to mine. When I finally get there I see Rick and Daryl out on the porch of their house. I send them a quick glance and then open my door.

I need a shower.

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