Pull Yourself Together

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Chapter Four

Title from Stay Awake by All Time Low.

I woke up to the loud pounding on the door "breakfast in thirty minutes!" A man called.

I rolled over "okay" I called to him tiredly. Soon the mad disappeared and I laid, staring at the celling, if I had it my way i'd never get out of bed. I could stare up at the celling all day, it sounds boring but the thought of getting up and doing stuff and Interacting with people made me tired. Jack was the first out of bed, he got up and went into the bathroom, he's not supposed to be in the bathroom without a nurse in here, I debated on telling a nurse but I figured he wouldn't do anything. Minutes later he came out with combed hair and brushed teeth, I watched him tiredly as he pulled open his drawer and pulled out a Blink 182 shirt and jeans.

Almost as fast as he pulled the shirt out he stuffed it back in "you can't wear anything with writing on it" he explained as if he could read my mind "I got lucky getting a room with 182 as the number though" he added, I smiled and nodded even though his back was to me. He walked in the bathroom once more and came out wearing a plain black t-shirt and jeans, now it was my turn. I lazily got up and went to the bathroom, combing my hair and brushing my teeth, then I walked back in the room and pulled out a pair of gray skinny jeans, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt.

I walked back in the bathroom and changed, when I got out Jack was deep in thought. It was already obvious that he wasn't a morning person but my mind kept bringing me back to him crying last night, should I talk to him about it? no, I'm terrified of how he would react.


"Okay, Josh would you like to start with sharing your two goals set for today and why you are here?" the question was rhetorical of course, he didn't really have a choice.

Josh sighed "uh, my goals are to take a shower and play cards..I'm here because I'm a heroin addict, a self harmer, and I have bulimia and anorexia" he spoke timidly, it was unusual. I was surprised, everyone has more problems than me, I don't need to be here. I also felt bad about ever complaining about my problems when people have so much more to complain about.

Dr.Grace then nodded to Craig, he paused before speaking "my goals are..uh..to not have to go to the quiet room today and to..to call my parents. I'm here because I'm schizophrenic and bipolar" the whole room seemed to nod. Everyone really listened to people when they spoke, except for Jack, he was normally looking at the ground and recently I've became one of the things he focused on, he stared at me sometimes and it was uncomfortable but I would just stare back and he wouldn't turn his attention away.

Before I knew it Jonny was talking and I was next. "My goals are to read my book and beat Alex at cards today" when he said that Jack rolled his eyes "oh and I'm here because I'm a heroin addict..and I suffer from depression, insomnia, and anxiety" he said simply, I smiled at him but it faded when she nodded to me.

This is where Jack finds it all out. "Uh, my goals are to call my friends and not lose any points..I'm here for..uh..three suicide attempts, self harm, depression and anxiety" I rushed through my sentence and kept my eyes on the ground. All of these guys have to share this every morning? I guess it gets easier but I am not looking forward to it. I looked up and met eyes with Jacks blank face, he didn't smirk or laugh but he didn't look sympathetic either.

"My goals are to call my brother, and wear short sleeves today..I'm here because I'm depressed, I have anxiety, and I self harm" Vic spoke calmly, there are a lot of people with similar problems but it's obvious why certain groups of people have certain doctors.

Vic and I have Dr.Mullins, we both self harm and we are both suffering with depression and anxiety.

Josh, Jonny, and Oli have Dr.Corgan, they all suffer with drug addiction.

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