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"M-m-minnie, o-o-open t-the d-door plea-please?"

"No! M'not coming o-out"

"P-pretty plea-"

"No I'm not coming out!"

The taller visibly flinched against the doorframe of the bathroom in the hallway as he slowly dropped to his knees from hearing the heart wrenching cries of one of his closest friends on the opposite side. Nothing hurt him more than the fact that he couldn't do anything about the war raging in the younger's mind, his solemn thoughts running circles around them both, miles a minute.

"Don't think, just do, then I can be h-happy right?" The smaller boy mumbled softly onto the tattered stuffed animal, death gripped in his hold.

"Mhmm, I promise"

Namjoon froze. He felt himself panic more and more and eventually slip into headspace at the most inconvenient time, he cursed himself.

"W-w-who a-a-re y-y-you talking to m-minn-"


Namjoon flinched once more at the sound of his friend using such a bad word. The minnie he knew couldn't even call someone a dummy, he was too kind hearted.

The brunette couldn't be more thankful for his silver haired friend that came bursting through the door, immediately running down the very hallway.

"Jimin? Jiminie hey are you awake?"


"J-joonie s-scared..."

Taehyung aggressively tousled his hair in frustration, this happened way more frequently than it should and the boy on the other side of the door won't say a thing about it. The youngest out of the trio was the most anxious for the blond boy's well being.

"Joonie got sit on the couch and plug in your headphon-"

"B-b-but I wanna help jiminie"

"Don't worry about Minnie, he'll tell you everything later but we need to have a big boy talk and I don't want you to be the one to hear it okay baby?"


"Good boy, now run along so I can go get Minnie hmm?"

He gave the younger a bittersweet smile and patted the brunettes head as he watched him retreat behind the doors at the end of the hallway.

With another sigh, Taehyung stared at the door with a perplexed expression, not really sure how to lure the naive boy out.

"Jimin, can you let Taetae hyung in?"

"N-no, M'dirty-"

"No, hun you're not, you're just fine-"

"He said I was"


"Who Minnie, who said that to you?"



"j-just g-go away"

It was as if his entire being was being torn open at the sound of the shorter's broken sobs from the other side. Littile hiccups and squeaks can be heard; from hoarse mumbles to ear piercing screeches, Jimin was merely a puppet to his own master, the terror that was merely nonexistent, only present in the frail boys secluded mind.

The sound of the bath water splashing began to overlap the shaky mumbles of the younger, audible from the other side of the door. Taehyung could have easily barged through the door, but Jimin is hypersensitive, the smallest sudden movement without him realizing from another being could make him crumble without him realizing, Curtesy of past trauma. The taller male's heart dropped at the best reason to why he would be hearing what he was, and tried to push his negative thoughts away, but screeches and sound of objects shattering onto the ground could be heard clearly. Yet a simple phrase, that luckily somehow Taehyung caught onto that made something in his mind click.

"T-Th-they won't g-go away. M-m'cant d-do it-"

He growled as the sound of violent thrashing from within the bathroom walls became louder. Jimins ears felt as if they were ringing and it wouldn't stop.
Footsteps were heard going down the hall as the tallest ran down and kneeled next to the silverette

"Taehyung, whats going on with chim I thought he was getting better-"

"I-I don't know joon, but we're gonna find out soo-"

"Is he doing it again?"


"b-but he promised, he never breaks his promises"

"...I know namjoon, I'm well aware"

"So why-"


The youngest flinched at the tone of one of his best friends, he rarely raised his voice to anybody. With a slight look of hurt he got up and was about to sprint into the living room until an all too familiar sound was heard as a vile liquid began to seep beneath the door. Both of their hearts dropped at the deathly silence onto the other side, but what happened so suddenly was his words that didn't go unheard.

"H-h-hyung help m-me pl-plea-"


G a s p i wonder what will happen-

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