"Anything to say? I made sure you had the furthest room from anyone else." He purred in Astrali next to my ear, nibbling on my earlobe as he caressed my palms with his thumbs. I smiled and replied seductively.

"You could of just asked me if you wanted me so bad..." I whispered, closing my eyes to hide the fire burning inside my crimson eyes. The fangs that grew in my mouth came with great pain, biting on my lip to stop from crying out. My horns wrapping around my head in a crown. My body hummed with energy, just waiting for the moment I could crack his skull open.

"Just wait."
His hands trailed to my bare body, causing me to shiver and earn a grin from him.

"Just wait."
The breathing got heavier as he stared at my face.

"Just wait."
His face was so close to mine and I curled my toes and hands, scrunching my eyes shut.

"Look at me, Aurora." His voice made my stomach churn, knowing how a man over twice my age could do this to me. "Look at me." He repeated, grabbing my chin forcefully between his fingers. Black veins crawled up my neck like spiders and wave of bloodlust surged throughout my body...

"Kill him..."

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!" I screamed, a wave of shadows crashing into him at full speed. He hurtled off the the ground and flew into the wall opposite me, blood splatting into the expensive wallpaper. The sound of his leg breaking split the air and echoed into the silent corridor. It was clear that he got a cracked head but it wasn't enough to kill him. "Damn it!" I cursed, bloodlust still pumping inside me.

"W-What? How?!" He muttered as he cradled his busted head. "It's still possible to pass it if you try hard enough." My Astrali flowed like water as I felt the midnight silk beneath my finger tips. He gritted his teeth and staggered to his feet, blood dripping onto the pristine floor. "Fucking bitch! I'll tear you apart!"

He limped towards me and held his hand up but I was far too fast. His fist came around and I easily dodged it, shoving him to the floor. My father had trained me too well. This time, he stood up with more energy and a light glowed from within him. "You've really pushed it now!" He shouted, Sigils spinning beside him as light enveloped him.

They blasted light from them like laser beams and they came at me like lightening. All of them blasted into me and I let out a shrill scream, the light sizzling at my flesh. It burned its way to my raw muscle, skin melting of like candle wax and hitting the wood beneath me. I yelled but no sound came out. The pain stopped my body from speaking, my vision wavering as I wobbled to my feet. I forcefully chomped onto my lips to make me focus properly, blood spilling from my darkened lips. The taste of metal coated my tongue.

Orpheus stood astonished, mouth gaping open like a fish. "What are you?!" He spat. "That  should of killed you!" The light faded and his Angel form shrunk to nothing but a cowardly man. "I can't fight like this. I need to heal." I thought, my dress dissolving and then replaced by a glowing light.

The warm sensation rippled across my frigid body, my skin rapidly healing itself and returning to normal. The blood slowed and eventually stilled, leaving my mouth empty of blood. Gold and white covered my body, intricate designs laced across the silk of my dress. My huge wings sprouted out and shook lightly; it was along time since I had used them.

The Prince of Bermuda stared at me. "R-really? You... you're..." He muttered, his sadistic smile creeping up once more. "Wow... so beautiful..." Light enveloped him again and he thrusted his hand out, throwing me back and holding me in some sort of light trap.

Bloodlust came back to me again and another wave of pain stuck me, the agony pulsing in my mind. The corners of my vision grew darker and my muscles became fatigued. It will take too much energy out of me if I healed again so I just stood there to catch my breath. Orpheus got closer, placing his hands over mine.

Blood was smeared onto my hands as he felt them gently. My legs were free yet he pressed against them, stopping me from kicking him. I was running out of options and I had to find fast. His hands were moved to my nightdress and I felt sick when he lifted it upwards. I instinctively shifted into my Demon form, feeling the shadows buzz to life all around me. "I need to do it quickly but without him seeing it..." I thought as I stared at my trapped arms. I smiled with my fangs and stared at him with fiery red eyes.

"Fuck it."

In one motion, I ripped my hands away and shoved Orpheus away as hard as I could. My shadows solidified into spears of black, pain rattling inside my bones. Despite this, I hurtled them at him, aiming for his hands and feet in order to keep him alive. I wanted him to remember that I was not someone to mess with.

Instead, he attempted to dodge it, moving his head into my line of fire. A shadow surged forward and past his eye, the sound of his cornea ripping sending chills down my spine. A harrowing scream bursted out and he clutched his eye, blood leaking out of his fingers and running onto the floor. He was pinned to the wall just like me a couple of seconds ago, fear staining his perfect features.

"Get away from me!" He cried, tears flowing from his working eye. "I won't kill you." My black dress dancing in the wind. I stared at the ocean above us, the sky morphing into warm oranges and dusty pinks. The clock ticked in my hearing and it had only passed 1 hour since I woke up.

The feeling of guilt flooded through me once I returned to normal, looking at my bloody hands. "It's my fault... I've... Oh God." My shaking hands covered my face and I shrunk to my knees, tears falling off my face. My powers were a blessing and a curse and the result of many people dying. "Luna... Oh God! Why?! WHY?!"

I stood up, my eyes hazy from my tears. My bare feet soaked in the blood on the floor as I walked towards Orpheus. My pupils morphed into slits and I could feel my irises glow red. His eye widened. "Sleep and start anew." I whispered in Daemona, ashamed of using my powers again. Orpheus became slack and slumped to the floor, blood escaping from his eye. "I need to clean the blood." I walked to my bedside table and pressed a button, designed for my maid to arrive immediately.

As soon as Ida knocked on my door, I opened it and compelled her to clean the blood and escort the dazed Prince to his room. She nodded involuntarily and she summoned her cleaning equipment with her. I sighed at the sight. "I shouldn't use her like this. She deserves better."

With that, I walked to my bathroom, hoping to wash the blood and sins away from me.

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