In The Darkness

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(Slight Trigger Warning)

My eyes snapped open.

The sound of thunder had stirred me awake, darkness surrounding me as I laid in my bed. I had probably slept for several hours as the sky was still starry, the moon glowing above the surface of the hazy ocean. Fatigue ached at my muscles and legs. "Dancing sure does take a lot out of you..."

I tried to close my eyes again, the shadows bending within the light of moon. "Stop thinking stupid stuff. They're not moving." I thought, flipping to my side and staring at my curtains. It still felt wrong.

Like someone was watching me...

I turned back over and my body froze. What I thought was a hallucination was actually reality, the shadows having a life of its own amongst the moonlight. The figure hovered at the end of the room, its white eyes looking down at me. My eyes widened and I stifled a scream, my body staying deadly still. The sound of its footsteps were silent yet it rattled in my ears. It closed in on me from the side of the bed.

That's when my instincts kicked in.

I launched myself off the bed and sent a barrage of shadows surging towards the figure, the darkness of my room making it a thousand times harder to see. Covering my eyes with my arms, I waited for the cry of pain to come from the attack. I didn't want to see the damage that my powers will cause, especially after Operation Midnight. I now hated using them.


I slammed into the wall behind me, a vice-like grip clamping onto my mouth. "What?! How?!" I thought as the figure pushed up against me, pinning me to the wall. The thought came like a truck crashing into me. If I had realised earlier...

It was the power barrier. It stopped me from using my powers.

I writhed against them, struggling to slip out of the hold. The thunder rumbled once more and a flash of light bursted in the room. Taking the opportunity, I looked at my attacker with terrified eyes. The hand over my mouth silenced my gasp.

Orpheus' brown eyes stared at my weak body, his perfect teeth bared in a sadistic grin. The outfit he wore was the same from just 10 hours prior, the perfect ivory and gold leaves glistening in the moonlight above him. I could feel tears spring in my eyes and felt the nose scrape up the restricted oxygen entering my adrenaline-driven body.

My nails clawed at his unmoving hand, drawing blood as I dragged them violently against his skin. I was weak compared to him since as humans females are weaker than males. The sense of defeat ached at my limbs, salty tears staining the side of his hand. "Why me... why?"

I felt a hand creep up my bare legs, my body screaming to take action. "My my." He whispered, his Astrali echoing in my mind. How a sacred and holy language could sound so... dirty. "I was expecting more of a fight out of you, Your Highness." I felt like vomiting, his fingers fiddling with my white nightdress. "Why me?" I thought, closing my eyes as he towered over me. "It's no use... I was better off dead anyway..."

"Aurora... don't..."

I whipped my head up, my sadness now consumed by confusion. "I can't... the power barrier..."

"Who cares about the power barrier? You can still use your powers. Just fight through the pain..."

My confusion now boiled into scolding hot anger, my fiery blue eyes narrowing at his. The smile that was on his face wavered slightly but he still carried on, feeling me across my body. Every nerve that he felt fuelled my fury, my shadows ready to snap. Orpheus let go of my mouth and pinned both my arms, allowing me to speak.

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