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Adios my little Dumplings

Chapter 25 (I think?)

Megan's P.O.V.

The boys sit there, confused, while I pace around the room, trying to think of ways to fix this and also wondering how I didn't know! Ryan and I talked about so much, but how did the fact that our dads co-own the same freakin' company never come up? But when I do think about it, every time I brought up his family he diverted the subject. But I just though that, like me, he wasn't close to his family, or he had a broken home. Not this! It's not even that big of a deal, but I know his dad, and knowing him, he's probably hiding him away or entering him in the witness protection problem, because in the Jenkin's family no one can do anything wrong, everything they do is the right way to do it. So if there's a way they can get away with what, in there eyes, is a false claim that Ryan, a true gentleman, would never ever do, then they would do it. And knowing my dad, he's probably helping Ryan's dad. My dad told me multiple times that he always wanted a boy and that the only reason he stayed around was because of my mom, and after she left, he ignored us and spent almost all his time at work. He gave us all the money we wanted and told us that as long as we didn't do anything to embarrass his company, we can do whatever we wanted.

I don't even know if he knows I'm singing now. I know I didn't tell him. I spent most of my time at Melissa's anyways, so all I did was go home and pack while he wasn't home. Unless he saw it somewhere, he probably thinks I'm staying over at Melissa's. And boy will it be a shocker when the police come out saying that Ryan attempted to rape his daughter. Actually I should be getting a call any time now, since the police told the press after we called them, hoping with One Direction and I's popularity we could find him soon.

I turn back to Simon and the boys, figuring its probably time to tell them why I'm so stressed about this new information.

"Okay, so the reason this is so bad is because I know Ryan's dad from when I used to go to my dads work building, and from what I remember he will do anything to get out of trouble. So if Ryan went to him and told him what happened, there is no chance of finding Ryan. And also, my dad is going to be pissed at me for giving his company a bad reputation. So we need to stop the police from saying something, because all it will do is make Mr. Jenkin's even more on his feet about hiding Ryan and make my dad mad." I say and Harry's face, which has already had a pissed look etched into it this whole time looks even more pissed.

"What sort of douche bag man hides his son because he tried to rape his girlfriend!" Harry says standing up his hands clenched into fist. "Now I know where Ryan gets it from."

"Harry, calm down!" Simon says putting his hands on Harry's shoulders trying to calm him down.

When that doesn't work I go over to Harry and try to calm him as well. "Harry, there's nothing we can do about it. We can try our best to find him, but to do that we need to stay calm. Look at me, do I look okay?" I ask and Harry nods. "See I'm fine, it's not like he actually did rape me, so we just need to calm down and enjoy the last bit of our tour."

"Okay, now that Harry's calmed, let's get back to the reason he got freaked out. Megan I think we should tell people, the police force will be on our side, and it will do wonders for your image. You'll be innocent girl, who even after her boyfriend died gave love another chance and he betrayed her. It's genius!" Simon exclaims, and I grit my teeth together.

"I don't want to tell people though. I want to be known from singing, not for almost being raped. And this isn't about my image, this is about me finding the guy who did this to me. And I know Ryan, and he'll end up coming back one day to rub it in my face that he got away with it, so until then... Can we just... Drop it?" I ask pissed and exasperated.

"Fine, if that's what you want, then I agree with it. But I really think you should tell everyone about Kyle in the interview later. It would make you relatable and you could be some girls role models." Simon says and I nod. I guess it is probably time I say something about my past.

We talk about a couple of things and then we're dismissed. The rest of the boys leave and Harry and I stayed behind because I had to ask Simon a couple things, and Harry refused to leave without me.

"So, after the tour is over, Megan, you're gonna head into the studio and record your first single and then after that comes out your album will be released about three months later." Simon says and I sit there in shock for a second.

"Holy pumpkin pies with curly fries, Harry I'm going to get a single and then an album!" I exclaim jumping into his arms. I feel so happy and proud of myself. Harry puts me down and smiles wildly. Simon clears his throat and pull break eye contact and sit back down. We go over a couple more things and then we're dismissed.

As we leave Simon says one last thing that shocked us completely.

"Oh and by the way, I completely ship Merry." He says with a small smile and Harry and I blush and walk away quietly.

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