I don't understand sarcasm and I dislike teasing

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Antonio's POV

As I spent more time with Rain I was understanding more and more about her. She's a literal person and doesn't have a filter. I think we may need to work on that.

It was no secret that Morris was gay. I'm actually surprised she picked up on it pretty quick. Adrian and I never made a big deal about it because to us, it didn't matter.

These were things that I was learning more and more about Rain. Like the time we were joking around at lunch. Sarcasm was the norm with us and so was teasing. It wasn't for Rain and she didn't hesitate to point it out.

"Go fly away dude on your unicorn," Adrian teased Morris.

"Fine but my unicorn will kick you in the nuts," he retorted.

"Wouldn't that hurt," she asked them.

They stopped and looked at her, "what?"

"Well, nuts is what is referred to a man's genitals, right?"

"Yeah. It's slang," Morris snickered.

"Then wouldn't it hurt. Since it's the most sensitive part on a man. At least that's what my brother's tell me," she said to them. I sat there and watched them.

"We were kidding. It's called sarcasm," Morris explained to her.

"I don't understand sarcasm," she said to them.

"It's often used to taunt someone on a humorous aspect," Adrian told her.

"It's like teasing someone but not to be taken seriously," Morris added.

"Like calling people names," she asked them. I looked at them.

"Yeah, in a way but it's all in good fun," Morris replied.

"How I making fun of someone or treating them like they're stupid humorous? Isn't that being mean?"

I couldn't help but smile at her way of understanding.

"Well, we aren't being mean to each other because we're friends. We just kidding," Adrian said sheepishly.

"Then Ella and Darcy are my friends because they call me names since they tease. Because according to you that's all in good fun?"


"No, that's being mean and nasty," Morris said.

"Then so is teasing. I don't like teasing. I don't like sarcasm. From your definition, sarcasm is contempt towards someone and while you find it "funny", the other person doesn't. Not everyone understands things and need extra help, like me. If you are sarcastic with me, then how is that helping me?"

Adrian and Morris's jaws dropped. Rain was right. Contrary to popular belief, sarcasm can hurt someone's feelings without people realizing it. So can teasing.

The guys cooled it with the jokes. If they did make jokes, they explained it to Rain so she understood and never once were sarcastic with her. Some she found funny, some she didn't.

I couldn't fault her for how she felt. They were her feelings and she had a right to how she felt.

After school, I met her at her locker. Ella and Darcy walked by us and I took a step in front of Rain to shield her. I dared them to come near her. I didn't care if I was being investigated. They were a couple of nasty bitches.

Once she finished getting her stuff, I walked her out to Luke.  I told her I had to check in with my parents and I would come over.  She smiled and got into the car. They pulled out and I made my way home.

I walked in and mom greeted me, "smack any girls lately?"  She grinned.

I rolled my eyes, "she deserved it."

"Antonio, we get it but hitting girls is not the answer, but sometimes we have to make an exception," she shrugged then pinched my cheek.

"Mom, quit pinching my cheeks!"

"They're pinch-able. I use to pinch your other cheeks when you were a baby."


"Oh lighten up. You had a cute tushie," she said to me.  Ugh.

Dad walked in and said, "now what?  You didn't get arrested again, did you?"

"What?  No. Mom keeps talking about my butt," I groaned.

"I don't know why this surprises you considering you use to run around her butt naked. I swear every chance you got, you use to whip off your diaper. I thought you were going to be a nudist when you got older," he said.

"I can't listen to this. I'm going over to hang out with Rain," I said as I turned and left.  I closed the door behind me.

"So dramatic," mom told dad.

"Eh, he'll get over it," he shrugged. "How about dinner?"

She sighed.

There was a knock at the door and Luke opened it and Antonio came inside. He followed Luke into the kitchen. He joined us while we played a game.

This was fun. Usually Luke and Cole play a game with me but now Antonio was too. What game were we playing?  None other than Candyland. It was my all time favorite game.

Most people would laugh and say it was a kid's game but I didn't care. I always loved Candyland. We played other games like Monopoly, Battleship, Mousetrap and anything else but ultimately Candyland was my favorite.

People usually play video games but to me they bore me.  Plus, my therapist told my parents it was good for my fine motor skills growing up. Each game helped with my coordination and understanding of things.

When you think about it, board games are essential to development. Candyland taught me colors. Chutes and ladders taught me how to count. Battleship taught me how to think. Monopoly taught me the value of money and what each amount meant.  Mousetrap taught me how to use my intelligence.

When you break down all these elements you develop your brain better. Plus they were fun.

I lacked social skills but I was high functioning. I'm able to do everything, anyone else can do, I just don't understand some things.

I did know I liked Antonio around me. He was patient, funny, smart and kind. At first I didn't understand him but slowly I am starting to. He never got angry with me. Never yelled at me. Didn't call me names. Plus, he has nice hugs.

He stayed for dinner then hung out with me before leaving to go home.

I eventually got ready for bed and my parents came to say goodnight to me.

"You seem to be doing better with Antonio," dad said to me.

"I like Antonio. He's my friend. He protects me.  You know what I like the most about him?"

They looked at me waiting to see what I said.

"His hugs.  They're warm and nice. Firm and gentle. Just like him. I think if more people hugged instead of fighting, they would be happier," I said as I looked at them.

"Rain, I couldn't agree more," dad smiled as he gave me a kiss. Mom followed suit and I went to bed.

Sometimes a hug can make everything better.

I thought sarcasm and teasing should be covered. My daughter brought something to my attention a few years ago. She doesn't like teasing. It hurts her feelings because she said it's not nice. I have to agree with her.

She doesn't understand sarcasm either.  To her she feels like people treat someone like their ignorant. She's right.  Not everyone understands everything. It doesn't make them less intelligent.  Sometimes a simple explanation is all that is needed.  It's a valuable lesson and it took a special person to explain it.

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