Luke waited impatiently at the small coffee table towards the front of the café. He was based right in front of the stage where he assumed Wendy would be playing; he had been there for approximately two hours. He arrived at five in the afternoon, wondering when exactly his best friend would be performing on the stage. The latte that he had ordered remained untouched on the table in front of him; he was nervous - drinking anything would just make his stomach feel uncomfortable.

He looked around at the waiters and waitresses walking around the café, wondering which one was his Wendy. He would have looked at their nametags, but they were way too small for Luke to see with his eyesight. Though clinically, his eyesight was perfectly fine, Luke spent a little too much time on his laptop trying to find good music or scolling through his tumblr dashboard at three in the morning.

Eventually, Luke sighed as he watched the clock ahead of him hit 7:30pm. Two and a half hours later, he was still sat in the same position as when he came here. He felt defeated; maybe she had already performed. He began to stand up, until the lights dimmed. He sat back down and watched in amazement as the café became silent. A brunette walked on stage and he instantly recognised her; she had served the table beside his only ten minutes ago.

She sat on a stool behind a microphone, balancing a sleek black guitar on her lap. "Hi! Uh, for those of you who aren't regulars, or don't know who I am, I'm Wendy!" She smiled a beautiful smile and started t sing to the crowd in front of her. Today of all days, she was nervous. Normally she was absolutely fine with performing in this café. Today, however, she was scared because Luke had told her he would be there. She scanned the crowd to see if she could figure out who he was, but there were no hints. Luke had clearly changed a lot since she last saw him; either that or he just didn't show.

She sang along, slowly melting into the melodies she played with her guitar. She knew she was a good singer; she wasn't going to deny herself the pleasure of knowing that. Wendy finished the song and was the crowd retaliated with a large round of applause. People cheered and stood up from their seats, some people sending whistles her way. She gracefully walked offstage and into the back room, where she put her guitar carefully back into her case.

"You were great, as per usual Dee," Frankie said, leaning against the door frame. Frankie really did annoy Wendy; whether it was his persistence or his use of that awful nickname, Wendy did not like Frankie at all.

"Thanks, Frankie." She smiled awkwardly and walked out of the backroom, grabbing her jacket from Frankie's arms on the way. She rolled her eyes as her boss, Angie, laughed at her. Angie, and the rest of the workers really, knew that Frankie was a pest. She couldn't fire him though considering he was her nephew. Wendy walked out of the back and through the café.

"Hey," she heard. She stopped and turned around. "You were great up there."

"Thanks," she said with a smile.

"You don't know who I am, do you?" She raised an eyebrow as he laughed. "Have I really changed that much in eleven years?" She smiled and chuckled to herself; of course this was Luke. The guy who had been here for around three hours and had taken a front row seat just for her performance. Admittedly, he did look different. Like he said in his letter, he was hot.

"Just a little bit," she whispered, afraid her voice would fail her. Luke stood up from his seat and encased her in a warm hug; he'd finally seen his best friend after eleven years, and she was just as beautiful as he thought she would be. Wendy left her guitar case on the floor and returned the hug, missing the feel of her best friend's hugs.

"I missed you," she mumbled into his chest; he was a giant now, considering he was shorter than Wendy when they were six years old. 

"I missed you too," he said honestly. They pulled away from the hug and smiled at each other in admiration. "Is your shift over?" She nodded and he pulled her over to sit with him at the coffee table. She left her jacket on the back of the chair as Luke stared at her.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" she asked, becoming self conscious.

"I don't know, I just... this is amazing, Wendy." The two teenagers laughed, relaxing back in their chairs. Suddenly feeling very jealous, Frankie walked towards the couple.

"Hey, can I get you anything?" Wendy sighed; of course he'd try to get involved.

"No, we're fine Frankie."

"Are you sure, babe?" Luke raised an eyebrow; he was sure that Wendy said she didn't have a boyfriend. Wendy glared at him as he walked away with a smirk on his face.

"Babe? I thought you didn't have a boyfriend," Luke spoke his thoughts.

"I don't. Frankie is my boss's nephew; he seems to have this crazy idea in his head that I'm going to become his girlfriend. He fancies me and thinks I'd go out with him."

"Would you?" Luke questioned; he was probably being a little too inquisitive and making himself look like a jealous idiot, but the truth of it was that he was a jealous idiot.

"He's not my type," she replied, making Luke feel a little lost.

"Really? What is your type, then?"

"I'm a stickler for the musicians."

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