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Before I begin with the update let me tell ya all I thought you people would react something when Nandu declared that she was already engaged with Manik but I think no one paid attention to that.😏😭 (I know I'm a li'l dramatic 😉😂😂)

Now there you go with the update.

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"Wô ài nî is I LOVE YOU CHINESE."

Nandu sighed. She took few deep breathes, thought something and then spoke slowly.

"Chenn... Look. I don't know what do you think about me or what do you feel about me. But I think I should make it clear to you that I don't feel ANYTHING for YOU. I LOVE SOMEONE ELSE AND I'M ALREADY ENGAGED WITH THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. MY MANIK." (She spoke confidently looking at him and showing the ring at her finger.)

Nandu dropped a bomb on him and smirked mentally at herself.

"What?" (He looked baffled.)

"Yeah. Actually I wanted to tell you this yesterday itself but I didn't get the chance so..."

"No I didn't mean that. Well it would really not matter even if you're already married but you're young for that. But you just engaged so it's okay. I know you."

Now Nandu was baffled by hus answer like how?? How can this guy think so low of her? Is he insane? Or is he a psychopath ?? He was now getting on her nerves making her loose her calm. But still she composed herself before she spoke again.

"Err.. I don't know what type of thinking do you have. But for me IT WAS MANIK AND IT WILL ALWAYS BE MY MANIK. MANIK IS MY FOREVER. MY ONLY LOVE. I hope you got it better this time. Now if you're done with your coffee can we please leave?" (She said all with a calm and composed smile though a volcano was about erupt from inside.)


This time Nandu paid the bills of the coffee and they made their way out of the cafe and now they were at the highway. They were about to reach Mumbai now. Only an hour ride and they would be back Nandu was glad from inside. Only then her phone rang flashing Navya's number. She picked it up immediately.

"Hello Navy! Listen, I'm about to reach. It's only an hour drive from here."

"Ohh Okay. I just wanted to ask should I prepare lunch for both of us? Or you had it on your way itself?"

"No yaar. I'm starving. Please make some yummy lunch for both of us "

"Ohh Okay. Come soon."

"Okay. See ya"

Nandu hunged up the call.

And after an hour of silent drive Nandu was standing at the market where she and Navya had met Chenn for the first time.

"Hmm..Now you can go. I'll go from here. Bye"

And without even waiting for Chenn's reply Nandu left from there. And after she felt she was away from Chenn's sight she ran towards her home where Navya was supposed to be waiting for her.

Now she was finally standing in front of her home with a satisfied smile. She rang the bell and within no time Navya opened the door for her and took her in a bone crashing hug.

"Navy Navy Navy....lemme breath yarr. I'm suffocating yaar. "

"No I won't leave you otherwise you're again gonna go somewhere leaving me."

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