Chapter Four: Gabuscus

“Are you really going to do my laundry?”

 “Yes,” I replied.

 "Well, okay…” Toby pushed open the door to his laundry room.

 “Holy oh my God…” I whispered, staring at the pile of clothes.

“Yeah, it’s a lot.” He said, scratching the back of his head.

“You think?” I shot him an incredulous look.

“You really don’t have to. I mean, you’re kind of a guest. I’ll get around to it sometime. I’ve just been so busy.”

“No. This needs to be done NOW.” I replied, glaring at him. “This is why guys shouldn’t live by themselves.” I muttered, opening the washing machine and shoving his t-shirts in.

“Well, it would help if I had a girlfriend that lived with me.”

“Then get one.” I said, searching for the detergent. “Where the hell is your detergent?”

“Oh, I don’t have any.”

I sighed and shook my head. “Fine, go get me some shampoo or something.”

“Yes ma’am.” He replied and left, coming back moments later with shampoo in hand. “Why do you need-”

“Gimme,” I said, snatching the bottle from his hand. “Thank you!” I poured some into the washing machine and closed the lid, pressing the buttons and starting it up. “There!”

“Uh, thanks.”

I leaned back against the machine and sighed. “Sooo…”


I hopped up onto the washing machine and put my hands in my lap. I watched Toby watching me as I bit my lip. “Know what I’ve always wanted?”

“What?” he asked, staring at me.

“…To marry you.”

Toby laughed that amazing laugh again and said, “Well, wouldn’t we have to be in love first?”

“I already am in love with you.”

“Oh.” he said, smiling. “Then I’d have to be in love with you.”

“How could I get that to happen?” I asked, wiggling my eyebrows.

“You’d have to do this.” He replied, and came towards me, holding my face in his hands. Before I knew it, he pressed his lips to mine and I made a squeaking sound. As soon as I realized what was going on, I started moving my lips with his, kissing him back to let him know I loved it. I felt his hand move up my side and I smiled. Toby pulled away too soon, breathless, as was I.

“That? That’s what I’d have to do?” I asked, between breaths.

“Yeah. That.”

I laughed and hugged him, letting myself breathe him in.

The doorbell rang, interrupting us. “Someone is at your door, Toby.” I mumbled into his neck.

“Right.” He replied and let me go. I stayed sitting on his washing machine while I listened to him and some other guy talk.



“It’s Gabe-uscus. There’s a pause.”

I gasped and hopped down from the washing machine and ran out to the doorway. “GABUSCUS!” I squealed and attacked him.

“Hello…! Uh, person!”

I squeezed him tightly.

“Am I supposed to know her?” he whispered to Toby.

“No, she’s just a fan.”

“Oh, well, then! HELLO RANDOM FAN GIRL!”

“Hello, Gabuscus!” I squealed.

“Ugh… It’s Gabe-uscus!”

I pulled away from him, a huge grin on my face. “Ahh! Twice the Buscus!”

They both laughed.

“Someone’s a little crazy…” Gabe sung.

I gasped and turned to Toby, jumping up and down. “That reminds me! I have this song I want to sing to you!”

“Go for it.

I took a deep breathe. “Hey, I just met you and this is crazy… But you are sexy, so marry me, baby!”

Toby and Gabe looked at each other… then busted out laughing.

“That was a GREAT song.” Toby said, smiling. “But, uh… I don’t know about marrying you just yet.”

I gasped excitedly. “Oh. My. Gosh. WE SHOULD ALL PLAY VIDEO GAMES TOGETHER!”

“Woah, woah, woah! Someone give this girl a chill pill.”

“COME ON!” I shouted, grabbing Gabe’s arm and gently taking Toby’s hand in my own and pulled them behind me.

“What game are we playing?” Toby asked.

“Umm, umm… TEKKEN!” I replied, snatching it from its place.

“Alright,” Toby said, grabbing a controller and handing it to me, then grabbing another one for himself. “Whoever wins this game, gets to play Gabe.”

“Deal.” I replied, sitting down on the floor in front of the TV.

Toby turned the game on and we waited for it to load. I was first player apparently, so I chose my players first. I immediately snagged Law and his son and waited as Toby picked his. Obviously, two ‘hothothot’ girls. I rolled my eyes.

“Just because they’re hot, doesn’t mean they’re any good, Toby.”

“Ha, that’s what you think. It all counts on the person controlling them.” He replied, and winked at me.

“Okay… But I watched all of your Tekken gameplays and… Well, let’s just say you lost a lot.”

“We’ll see who’s still talking big when the game’s over.” He told me, as our fight began.

“You cheated.”

I smiled and wagged my finger in Toby’s face. “No one likes a sore loser, Tobuscus.”

“You didn’t win, though! You cheated!”

“I was right there the whole time.” Gabe said. “She cheated not once.”

“Thank you.” I told Gabe and patted his head. “Now stop whining, because even though I clearly beat you both, I still made you dinner. And your favorite at that! Nuggets in biscuits with mashed potatoes!” I stuck my tongue out at Toby when Gabe turned his head.

“NO. Gabuscus! Did you just see that?!”

“See what?”

“She stuck her tongue out at me!”

“I did not!” I cried.

“Toby, leave Bella alone!” Gabe said, getting annoyed.

“What?! But she-! Ugh…” Toby groaned and slumped back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest.

I quickly stuck my tongue out at Toby and sat down at the table to enjoy my dinner with them.

--AN: The video on the side is Tobuscus Animated Adventures! If you haven't, you should check them out. lol It includes Gabuscus, obviously. ~Skittlez--

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