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luzbabve, ybnglizzy and 758,389 othersjasminek: i changed my instagram name🤪 ^💍😋papi chulo100585 comments

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luzbabve, ybnglizzy and 758,389 others
jasminek: i changed my instagram name🤪 ^💍😋papi chulo

luzbabve: 😂😂😂dead look at him😂😂😂

User1: papi chulo??😒
  ~User2: yes papi chulo problem🙄😋🤷🏾‍♀️

ybnnahmir: why you post this picture?🤮 don't let me embarrass you bout what we did before this was taken👿
  ~jasminek: you wouldn't🤐
  ~ybnnahmir: "papi chulo"😂💍

User3: they need to get a room^^

User4: awwwwww!!😍 but what yall do before this picture tho?😶

User5: hes stupid but i knew he used somethin😂

User6: yass sis caught him!

User7: what product tho?😂

User8: this nigga here!🤭

User9: i knew it wasnt just water😂🤪

User10: awww but who is that in the background, seems like im the only one who noticed him?😂😂
   ~jasminek: oh thats our friend @klyeklye 😂😂
     ~klyeklye: oh shittt😂

ybnalmightyjay: this bitch ass nigga gay asl😂
   ~ybnnahmir: nooo my edges wasnt doneee🙄😂🤪

twinsz: yup thats my brother🙄
  ~jasminek: secretly feel bad for you🤐
   ~ybnnahmir: aye now garden tool😐



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