A Little Bit Longer

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I got up and brushed my long brown hair. I really hated having long hair, but at the same time I loved it. I walked downstairs and got some breakfast. All the other guests looked at me like I was weird, because I was still in my PJ's but I didn't care. (A PICTURE OF HER PJ'S IN THE SIDEBAR).

I walked back up to my room but not before passing through the lobby. I heard a guest complaining and me being my nosy self decided to listen in. I hid behind the conviently placed potted plant near the front desk and listened in.

Desk Clerk: Miss Montana I am very sorry about your towels not being 101 degrees farenhiet. I will get someone on that right away.

Miss Montana: You better. I am apauled about the service in this hotel. I have been a dance teacher for 10 years and this is by far the worst hotel I have ever stayed in.

And with that she strutted away. God I hated her already. But I decided to help the management get her back. Of course I had to do this sneakly, I couldn't just ask for her room number, that would look suspicious. I had an idea. I walked up to the front desk like I owned the place (because I do)

Starr: Was that Miss Montana?

Desk Clerk: Yes.....

Starr: She was my old dance teacher!! What's her room number, she will be so happy so see me!!

Desk Clerk: It's Room 38. Please don't pull any pranks.

Starr: I won't do anything to my sweet dance teacher.

I walked away, a Huge smile on my face. She was not my dance teacher. I quickly climbed into the air vent and slid to my room. It's faster then the elevator, but I think that I am getting to big for it.

I got my supplies and walked to Room 38. Well here goes. I knocked on the door. See I did a little research on Miss Montana. I figured out she is in love with the famous singer Selena Gomez. And I just so happen to look like Selena with the right wig and sunglasses. Well here goes.

Starr (dressed as Selena): Oh, I'm sorry I must have the wrong room.

Miss Montana: You're - You're -.

Starr (dressed as Selena): Oh, youre a fan. How cute, should I sign something for you?

Miss Montana: Sure here sign my room key.

Starr (dressed as Selena):  Sure. (as she is singing room key) Don't you just love this hotel. it's my favorite.

Miss Montana: Of course. I love staying here.

Starr (dressed as Selena):  Earlier I was waiting in line at the front desk and I heard a woman screaming about how her towels werent 101 degrees or something. How stupid is that?

Miss Montana: That's really stupid. Who cares about towels.

Starr (dressed as Selena):   Well it was nice meeting you.

I flashed a smile and I went onto the elevator. I walzed back up to my room, but not before being stopped a few times. Maybe I should keep this on? Nah, something might happen, like bad.

I changed into my soffie shorts and myleotard I had from dance. Yes I danced, Every girl does. I had one bad teacher once, and I never took dance again. Instead I have been working on my gymnastics. I have been working for a while and I think I have been getting very good. I pushed open the doors to the ballroom as the cool air escaped from the room. They never turned on the air conditioning in here unless they were going to use it, so it was freezing. I liked it like that though. That way I wouldn't sweat as much. I did my beam routine perfectly many times until I heard the new janitor come in to mop.

Janitor: Hey what are you doing in here? The gymnastics convention isn't till next weekend. Now get out.

I ran out the back door and straight to my room. Gymnastics competition? How did I not know about this? I quickly logged onto the hotel website and checked the upcoming events. Sure enough there it was. I clicked on the more information tab and this popped up:

July 18-20 is Gymnastics Time here at the Gaylord Texan. Here we will welcome athletes from all around the world. With special guest Bela Karolyi.

I wonder who Bela Karolyi is. Oh well I guess I will find out. I can't wait for this convention. I AM SO EXCITED.

I will just have to wait A Little Bit Longer

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