Hell Has Frozen Over

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Human Name - Sara Bondevik

Place of Representation - Hell (The Norwegian City)

Age(appearance-wise) - 16-17 Years

Gender - Female

Appearence - She has dirty-blonde hair that falls to her hip curling inwards at the ends. Instead of bright colors like the rest of her family, her eyes are a deep chocolate brown. If you look close enough - close enough to breathe the same air, that is - you could see the thin ring of blue nearly swallowed by her pupil. Due to lack of sunlight the majority of her life, she is caucasian and very sensitive to the sunlight.

Attire - On top of her head she wears a brown leather cap that is turned to side for the reason just to annoy her proper brother. She wears a white blouse covered up by a black sweater vest and adorned with a plad tie. A white and brown messenger bag is almost always slung over her shoulder and resting on her hip or rear. A red plad skirt that falls half-way to her knees is ruffled but underneath that she wears brown shorts just in case a breeze desides to pass by. She loves her brown chunky boots - that look similar to uggs - and almost always wears them.

Personality - She has a rather defiant feeling towards rules, and enjoys annoying people. She loves strawberries and photography, a reference to a postcard she had given to England saying "Hell has frozen over." Towards people, she isn't antisocial like her brother, but doesn't gravitate towards people either. She actually does love her friends and family even if she wouldn't ever admit it aloud. She is contrary to people sometimes without realizing it but the majority of the time, she doesn't mean it in a cruel way.

Passions - Secretly, she has a burning passion for heavy metal music, although when she saw the doorknob turn, she exited the window in fear of getting caught. It wouldn't be a very grown-up thing to get caught listening to that kind of music, and she would prefer not to make brother extremly p*ssed at her. (She doesn't know he listens to it as well.) She also has a thing for bunnies/kanins. She tends to be fascinated by the magical world despite her lack of ability to use magic.

Others - She can see magical creatures like big brother Norway. No matter how well your English is, when extremly angry, you'll cuss in your native tongue. And if motivated, she could at least get close to bringing Romano to shame.

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