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Namjoon's POV

There was someone poking my cheek.

"Joonie, wake up." A female voice struck my ears awake. It was a beautiful sound. Peeking with one of my eyes, she was dressed.

Like on a date.

"Where are you going, young woman?" I asked, rubbing my eyes gently and rose in a sitting position on my bed.

She grinned mischievously, "Are you dumb or what?" That got me raising my eyebrow on her as 

Mayu laughed at my confused state. "It's your birthday!"

My mouth formed an 'O' shape slowly, realizing that it was. "Ohh, I see." I looked at her curiously with a smirk forming, "You got a surprise for me or something?"

She smirked back at me playfully. This girl seriously...

"Why don't you come with me and find out, old man?" Mayu snickered at me and rose from the bed, straightening her outfit and said, "I'll wait for your outside." Finally, I stretched my arms to the side and got ready for this surprise birthday gift.

I knew it was going to be a good day.


"Watch your step." Her cheery voice filled my ears like music. It was soothing to hear.

I cursed unintentionally, tripping over a stone which she laughed heartily on. "Oops, sorry. I forgot you were blindfolded."

"Right." I mentally rolled my eyes while being cautious this time on where I step. I felt grass under my feet (she asked me to take them off 'cos reasons.)

"Just a few more steps! Easy, ahjussi." Mayu held my arm gently in her hand as she continued to guide me to our destination. I wouldn't deny, I was nervous. I've never felt this kind of excitement since forever.

I put my arms in front of me, trying to feel anything, "Are we there yet?"


Then we stopped.

I shrugged tiredly, the old age catching up to me, "Hah, about fucking time." The blindfold loosened around my eyes, letting me see my surroundings.

It was a lake.

My fists balled, veins showing on the surfaces. It was of anger.

Her voice was soft, "Umm, I saw the picture of this lake inside one of your drawers and you were in it. So I figured this place was somehow special to you. I thought that I would take you here." There was a big smile on her face.

But I was not happy.

Not at all.

"...and which is why I wanted to wish you a happy birthd—Namjoon?" She was waiting for a reaction and Mayu seemed to already notice my uneasiness.

"I shouldn't be here.." I murmured low enough not for her to hear, but when she touched my arm to ask me what's wrong. Hell broke loose.

"Namjoon—" she tried to say but I was already out of control.


I didn't mean to.

"WHY DID YOU EVEN BRING ME HERE, WHERE MY PARENTS DIED IN AN ACCIDENT. THEY DIED IN THIS VERY LAKE, DO YOU HEAR ME?" Her eyes went wide in guilt and realization. She was hurt but she was in more pain because of what she's heard.

"I..I'm sorry. I didn't know. Please calm down." She soothed me again but I chuckled bitterly.

"You could have asked before bringing me here, no?" I ran my fingers through my hair and gripped them in between. "I found you, helped you, and this is what you fucking do? How could you?"

There were tears in her eyes.

I hurt her.

"Namjoon..." The girl's voice broke in hurt.

"I once told myself I would never help anyone again. It would only cause me pain. Like I helped my mother and father before they plummeted to their deaths."

Her eyes glistened in tears, surprised with my words. "Just get out of my sight."

and she did.


happened too fast?

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