Grinning Black Cat

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Grinning black cat
with licorice breath
always licking from
my glass of ice water
instead of the ceramic
fountain I bought, even
when I drop floating
cubes in it, to chill
it to the same

black cat
with eyes
like a bat, blind
to the laser zipping
right in front of your face,
distracted by the moth
that whirs through
the living room
like an

grinning black
cat, despite eccentric
habits, your true nature
grows on me the way
only love could;
I wouldn't
your need
to hunt down bugs
or drink from my water
(although both are annoying)
because I like your smiling
face, just like this—

just the way you are.

Author's Note

WattFest mentioned black cat awareness month this week, so I thought I'd write about that topic, just like I wrote about pizza; read more about the holidays here:

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