His kink |5sos|

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Luke- spanking was a big turn on and kink for Luke. You actually found out about it from the boys and tested him to see if it was true, so you went to him and smacked his ass, it didn't end up well after, because then you got spanked but you did love it.

Michael- sub/dom, Michael would not have a problem being either but he's mostly the dom when it came to sex, and you didn't mind it but you have to admit you love when he's a sub at times because seeing him beg for you was hot too but not as hot as him dominating you.

Ashton- we all know Mr. Ashton Irwin has many kinks but what his fans didn't know was if they were true or not, or if he even used any of his kinks in bed... trust me he did, his biggest kink is his daddy kink, he loves when you beg underneath him. "Daddy please..." "oh fuck daddy" "yes daddy right there fuck me harder please!".

Calum- Calum was a little embarrassed and nervous when he told you his kink thinking you were to leave him if he told you his kink was role play, but believe me you were even more in fucking love with him, so many fantasies becoming true and he loved it as did you.

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