chapter 15 magi staff

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It was 1:30 am and you're sleeping in robin's robin's room or so you thought. You were in a Forest, with fog seeping in you looked around to find a out of the forest.

Y/n: robin?, beastboy?, anybody?

But then you heard an explosion, you ran towards the explosion to see everything was on fire. So you used your water powers to put out the flame, but then a black cloud comes out of nowhere. You just stared at but then the black came rolling out towards.

You shot of bed, Breathing heavily look at robin whos still asleep. You got of bed a walked out of his room and into the kitchen. You walked into the kitchen and got a cup of water.

Y/n: 'that was a weird dream'

You took a sip of water from your cup and at sat down on the couch. You then see something sitting on the table, you picked it up a saw it had a red bird at top, and a "m" on it with a long grip.

 You then see something sitting on the table, you picked it up a saw it had a red bird at top, and a "m" on it with a long grip

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You saw note sitting right next to you opened it up an it said.

Note: this is the magi staff, this was passed down to Generations to Generations I hope it helps you .... good luck

You looked at note to see who it was from but it didn't have a name on it Besides that the note said that the magi staff was past down to generations to generations but your mom or dad never told you about it. So you walk towards the training room.

Y/n: okay time to see what this can do

You at the note again, you turned it over to see more on the back.

Note: by the way to use you have to Focus again good luck

So you closed your eyes and did what the note told you to. Then all of a sudden the magi staff shot a fire ball hitting a wall, you looked at the wall where the fire ball hit leaving a  Scorch mark.

?: y/n, what are you doing up?

You turn to see raven with a blank expression on her face until she see hold the magi staff then her eyes widen.

Raven: y/n where did you get that

Y/n: I found it the living room why?

Raven then floated towards you, kneels down and grab the magi which is still in your hand.

Raven: y/n do you know what this is

Y/n: the magi staff

Raven: yes, but this staff is powerful I need you to be very careful about how or when you use it, promise? *smiles*

Y/n: *smiles* promise

Raven lifts you up and hugs you and cares you into her room. Raven laids you down on the bed and kisses your forehead. Raven gets into bed and hugs you, falling asleep.

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