10: Park and Videos

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While we were at the park the next day, Wesley demanded that Scott carry him on our walk and Scott, being Scott, agreed and was more than happy to please our son.
Scott easily held Weasley as the toddler leaned back against his chest, Scott's arms under his legs as he carried him around.
"Dad!" Wesley chirped, "Look at the fucks!"
Scott immediately laughed. I had only briefly mentioned how Wesley couldn't say the words 'duck' or 'frog' and would accidentally say 'fuck' instead. I had tried to scold him out of it, but Scott laughing as much as he did threw that down the drain and, to be honest, I wasn't that mad about it.
"Wesley!" Scott scolded, though Wesley didn't take him seriously at all as he was still chuckling. "It's ducks! With a D,"
"No!" I smiled as Scott laughed again, hugging Wesley and kissing his cheek. "You are so cute!"

As we watched Wesley play with the other kids on the playground, Scott brought up the topic of our first family vacation together.
"Like.. road trip, maybe? Or a trip to the beach, or.. Oh! We haven't been to the mountains since sophomore year!" He grinned. "What if all of us went? Our family, Kirstie, Kevin and Matt? Maybe we can invite some of your friends and-"
"Babe, that sounds great, but what about your schooling?"
Scott shook his head, "don't worry about it, love. I'll just work extra hard to get my work done early and then I'll be free all weekend for you and Wessy,"
"Are you sure?"
He nodded, kissing my hand and causing me to smile. "Positive. I love you,"
"I love you."


Scott was sat on the couch with my laptop in hand as he clicked on the folder I had saved to my desktop with videos of Wesley growing up.
I sat next to him as he watched all of the videos from start to end. He was smiling and laughing and commenting on how alike Wes and I were but when he got to the birth video, his smile saddened a little.
I could tell he was sad because he wasn't at the birth, but he assured me that he was happy everything went well. He went off on how excited he was that we decided to record the birth so he could watch Wesley's first moments in the real world.
When Wesley finally came on screen, Scott paused the video and gasped.
"Oh my goodness," he smiled slightly. "He was so big!"
I chuckled and nodded, "I know right? He was such a big little baby,"
"He's so perfect! Look at that pout!" He gushed, his eyes tearing up when Wesley let out his first cry. "Baby!"
"Doesn't he have the cutest cry ever? I can't get over how soft it is,"
"It's so cute.. god, he's so perfect.. god, what I would do to get to hold him in my arms then. Look how beautiful our little man is, Mitchie.." he sniffled and I felt my chest tighten when Scott wiped his cheeks, starting to tear up. "God.. I missed so much, didn't I?"


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