A beautiful messy existence

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I was glad Antonio was okay. I felt better knowing he wasn't hurt. We spent time together then he went home. He even stayed for dinner and sat next to me, just like lunch.

I got ready for bed and dad came in to check on me along with mom.

"Rain, do you feel better," dad asked me.

"Much. I was worried that Antonio was hurt but seeing him this evening, made me feel much better," I said as I crawled into bed and pulled the covers on my lap.

"Can I ask you something," I said to them.

"Sure hun," mom smiled.

"If a boy does nice things for you, does that mean he likes you?"

They looked at each other then looked at me, "usually but not always," mom said.

"What do you mean?" I looked at her confused.

"Well, when your dad and I first met, he made me beg him for a date," she told me.

Dad facepalmed himself.

"Why?" I looked at her weird.

"Ask your father," she smiled.

I looked at him, "why did you do that?"

"Because I wasn't very nice. See, I didn't have an easy time of it growing up but your mom and grandparents helped me," he explained.

"Yeah but even if we don't have a good day, you always say not to take it out on someone else or did I misunderstand," I said to him.

"No hunny you didn't. Honestly, I was a jerk to your mom," he said regretfully.

"Sort of like how Ella and Darcy are jerks," I replied.

"Not that kind of jerk. I didn't do the things they did but I also wasn't very nice at first. Over time though, you mom made me realize not all people are mean and some actually care," he explained. "In the process, I fell in love with her."

"That's nice. I'm glad you're not a jerk anymore. Goodnight," I said laying down and going to sleep. They both gave me a kiss and left the room.

When they came out and closed my door, they saw Cole coming upstairs.

"You okay," dad asked him.

"Yeah, fine," he said walking by him and going into his room.

He looked at mom, "what's been up with him lately?"

"Honestly I don't know. Cole has always been more quiet," mom told him.

They went downstairs and saw Luke in the kitchen, "What's up with your brother?"

"What do you mean," he asked dad.

"He just seems like something is bothering him."

Like looked at him.


"Dad, you have to ask him. I can't tell you. It's not my place," he said to him.

"Okay, but if he doesn't someone will," he told Luke.

I did my routine and as I went to go downstairs, I heard talking. I walked towards Cole's room.

"I plan on telling them. You have to give me more time. Things have been crazy at home. My sister has a new helper and it's been a rough transition. No, I understand but it's my sister. I promise I will tell them when the time is right. Just not right now. Okay, love you too," he said hanging up. He turned and saw me standing there.

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