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Right when the sun made it's way into the sky I snuck out of the house to look for El, I'm worried sick about her, I look around every place I could think of but after coming up empty handed I head back home, when I get there Dustin tells me that we're going to Lucas's house so Mike can apologize.

Dustin rings the doorbell after a second Lucas opens it and looks at us with an unimpressed look
"What do you want?" He asks when Mike doesn't say anyhing Dustin hits him on the arm, "I drew first blood, so..." Mike sticks his hand out waiting for Lucas to shake it, Lucas looks at his hand then at Mike... We stand in Lucas's living room watching him pace
"Okay, I'll shake." Mike sticks his hand out again, "On one condition. We forget the weirdo and go straight to the gate." Lucas says "Then the deals off." Mike tells him "Fine!" "Fine!" Lucas and Mike shout at each other, I roll my eyes sitting down since I don't plan on letting them go anyway, I just watch them handle their own problems
"No, no, not fine!" Guys, seriously? Do you even remember what happened on the Bloodstone Pass?" Dustin asks, Lucas and Mike shrug, "We couldn't agree on what path to take, so we split up the party and those trolls took us out one by one. And it all went to shit. And we were all disabled! So we stick together, no matter what!" Dustin tells them laying down the law
"Yeah, I agree. But this is the party, right here in this room." Lucas says "El is one of us now." Mike tells him, "Um, no, she's not. Not even close! Never will be. She's a lair, a traitor—" Lucas starts listing off "She was just trying to keep us safe! She didn't mean to hurt you. It was an accident!" Mike shouts, "sigh hard rolling my eyes listening to them go back and forth, I stand up walking over to Dustin
"I'm gonna step out, see you guys later." He nods keeping his eyes on the idiots screaming get at each other, outside I shift into a cat and I start to make my way around town.

As I'm walking past a store a certain smell catches my attention, I sniff walking closer but before I can get much closer El walks out holding box's of Eggo waffles with a man shouting thief behind her, the doors slams shut and the mans runs into them shattering the glass, I start to follow El keeping at a distance so I don't frighten her
I meow at her she turns to me her eyes wide but after she sees that its me she relaxes and we keep walking to where ever she's going, when we stopped she sits down and starts eating the Eggos, I sit next to her shifting back
"Why didn't you come back?" I ask leaning against a tree, she looks at me and shakes her head, "Come on, kid. Don't shut me out... Was it because Mike screamed at you?" She nods, I sigh, "I'm sorry, he... he still doesn't understand you yet. And he got upset, and Lucas doesn't understand either and he's scared, I think." I tell her looking around at the trees "Scared?" I nod looking at her
"Yeah, he's just scared. You see, he's never seen someone with the powers you have, I mean none of the boys have, but, he's scared of more than that. He's scared for Will, we're all scared for Will, but when you didn't lead him to the gate, which I know is also my fault, but his anger mixed with his fear. And that's not a good combination, so he's angry and scared. But he's also scared about you taking away Mike." She stares at me "Taking Mike?" I move to sit next to her
"Yeah, they've been friends since they were little, and Mike's been spending a lot of time with you, so Lucas thinks he's gonna loose his friend. But don't worry, he'll come around soon and realize that Mike isn't going nowhere, and that you are nothing to be afraid of... I think getting Will back he'll start to warm up to you." She nods and leans against me I put my arm over her shoulder looking down I see her pushing a waffle into my hand, I chuckle before taking a bite
"El!" "Eleven!" We stop chewing when we hear Mike and Lucas shouting for El I smile, "See, Mike's not mad anymore." She smiles a little, my smile drops when the boys go quiet I stand up
"El, somethings wrong!" She gets up and we start running in the boys direction, I shift into a mountain lion getting ready to face whatever we may find, when we get to the boys I see Mike jump off the cliff where Will supposedly died
I feeling fear grip my heart before I look over at El seeing her using her powers relief fills me but seeing Troy and his friend pisses me off since just a moment ago Troy had a knife on Dustin, I watch as Mike is set back on the ground safe and sound
The boys look over at El and I as we stalk up, I growl and El knocks Troys sidekick to the ground and with a slight turn of the head Troy's arm makes a sickening crack
"She broke my arm! My arm!" He screams "Go." She says sternly, the boys look at her and start to get up to leave, deciding they weren't going fast enough, I run at them causing even more screams, I shift back flipping off their retreating firgures laughing
"Yeah, that's right! You better run! She's our friend and she's crazy! You come back here and she'll kill you! You hear me? She'll kill you, you sons of bitches! She'll kill you, you hear me?" Dustin's voice echoes as he screams at the boys, I pat him on the shoulder laughing still, he chuckles giving me a high five
"El, are you okay?" I turn when I hear Mike, looking at him I see El laying on the ground I rush over, "El?" I ask "Mike... I'm sorry." She says crying "Sorry? What are you sorry for?" Mike asks her "The gate... I opened it. I'm the monster." She tells him
"No. no, El, you're not the monster. You saved me. Do you understand? You saved me." Mike tells her, he pulls her up and hugs her me and Dustin joins in, I smile as I kneel next to them enjoying the embrace.

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