chapter ten!!

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"I hate how couples just look so cute all the time. It pisses me off." Changbin huffed as he sat down at a lunch table.

"Well why haven't you asked anyone to the dance?" Woojin asked as he sat down beside Changbin.

"I don't know. Jinsouls friends tried getting me to go with her but I declined the offer." Changbin shrugged as he played around with the food on his tray.

"Why are you saying shit about not having anyone to go with when you COULD have had someone to go with?" Woojin looked at him confused and threw a baby carrot at his head.

Changbin flicked Woojin back and laughed. "Well I kind of do have someone to go with. I just don't know who he is."

By that time Jisung had joined them at the table and looked at Changbin confused. "I AM CONFUSION. How do you have a date and not know who they are?"

"Well it's a long story." Changbin scratched at the back of his neck nervously.

these are your two gay ass friends, why are you so scared to tell them? they obviously aren't anywhere close to homophobic. he thought to himself and chewed on his bottom lip.

"So I went to Tashas party at the beginning of the year and tried to get her number. It turns out she actually gave me some random number that wasn't hers. When I texted this number it was some random dude that still wanted to be friends with me. At first I just ignored him and thought he was annoying. But as the weeks went on I actually started texting this boy back. His memes are really funny and he's just overall a very sweet guy." Changbin rambled on while Woojin and Jisung started fake crying.

"our dear boy isn't a straighty and he's having the best 21st century love ever." The two other boys wiped their non existent tears and patted Changbins back. "We're so proud."

"Oh shut up you two!" Changbin laughed. "As I kept talking to him I realized that he goes to our school. He sent me a picture of Seungmin, Jeongin and their one blonde friend. So my mystery guy is one of those three."

"Wait wait, blonde friend.." Jisung trailed off as he tried to remember who the boy is.

"THE BLONDE ONE IS FELIX!" Woojin excitedly said as he jumped around. "I figured it out before youuu! I figured it out before youuu!" He sang as repeatedly poked Jisung in the head. Which then he received a slap on the back of the head from Jisung.

"Yeah I follow Felixs meme page. But he doesn't follow me." Changbin shrugged as the three friends started throwing their lunch trash away.

"What if your mystery boy is friends with Chan and Minho. We could all go on triple dates!" Jisung smiled as he started walking to class. "And triple weddings, we could all adopt kids at the same time, OOH OOH AND WE CAN ALL DIE AT THE SAME TIME."

"Why are we planning our deaths all of a sudden? Jisung go to class you crackhead." Changbin rolled his eyes and flicked him.


thanks for 200 reads wtf

thanks for 200 reads wtf

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