Who's There?... (Deep Space Horror)

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This is my entry for day two of Halloween Vault.

.Nellie's P.O.V.

   I sat quietly on a container in our-I mean my ship. I was originally with other people... but something happened, nobody knows what happened. I was honestly worried; I lost connection with all other aircrafts and Earth, in general, about a week ago. I kept hearing voices when I try to sleep, so I get restless. The last time I slept for more than 10 minutes at a time, was before I lost communication with anyone.

   I heard a knock at my door, but it wasn't possible. I'm alone here, I think at least...

   "Hello?" I called out; my voice wary.

   I heard a soft growl for the other side of the door. I could hear pain within the sound. I wanted to open the door, but then, I thought...

   'How is this even possible? I must be imagining things from loss of sleep. Yeah, that must be it.'

   I got off of the containment that was in the corner of my room. I quickly grabbed one of the weapons I had stored in there for safety, and sat on my bed. I pressed myself into the corner, and held the pocket knife in front of me. My breathing was heavy; my veins pumping blood faster; I could barely breathe.

   "W-who's there?!" I demanded, hoping dearly to get no answer.

   But -to my luck- there was a loud snarl on the other side. I heard the sound of what sounded like claws raking down the door.

   "Oh... help me please..." I muttered to myself.

   Then a raspy voice crept in my head, 'Nothing can help you now.'

   I forced my hand to still while holding the pocket knife.

   'You really think that a knife would do anything against me?! I am your worst nightmare!' The voice screeched in my head.

   "What do you want?" I ordered.

   'Your soul.' The voice spoke; I could hear a sound that was like someone licking their lips.

   "Why mine?" I pressed.

   'I already took all of the souls from anyone else on this ship, now it's time for yours.,

   "How did you take their souls?" I questioned, my voice quivering.

   'I drove them insane, by telling you them the truth about themselves. It's quite funny when you think about it. you humans say you love truth yet you can never take what it holds. You always crack and break; humans are so fragile. It's why us monsters -as you call us- love your souls...' The voice answered.

   "Why are you telling me this?" I asked.

   'Because don't you realize, I'm one of you' The thing the voice came from morphed through the door. It was human, a tall male, with gray brown hair.

   'I am the truth...' As if a mask disappeared, the human turned into a monster, 'Humans are the real monsters, they are destruction, and pain...'

   The creature disappeared completely, no trace left behind.

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