Whatto an author's note! 😄

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Hold on! Calm down! Stop screaming! Breathe! Do not fall off your bed or throw your phone in excitement! Tailbones and screens are annoying to replace.

No, this is not an entire book from Donovan's POV, I didn't have that much time. I did however write you a few chapters from his POV, mainly the ones I was interested in and some of you asked for.

The beginnings won't be exactly aligned with how they are in A Secret Service so make sure to read the blurb at the top where I'll explain what chapter it is. Also these aren't complete chapters because I would be repeating myself WAYYYY too much, so they are more like snapters (chapters smashed with snippets!)

Any who I hope you still find is amusing! Enjoy, Noodles!

Random note: the song that describes Carter, Donovan and Link's relationship is My Blood by Twenty One Pilots. Check it out and you'll see what I mean! ||-//

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