Chapter 6: Stay Away From her

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Christian's P.O.V

Wait a second. Am I dreaming. I see that my enemy helped my sister escaped. This is not true.

Christian: What are you doing here !?

Jay: I'm with your sister and now I'm good ;)

Christian: (smirks) How can someone that tried to kill us, turned into a angel

Jay: I don't know, but at least helped her because I felt really bad that a beautiful women is stuck in that awful place

I see that Jay goes to Kamila and kisses her on the lips. I pull Jay away from her.

Christian: When I'm here, I don't want you to get near my sister

Jay: Whatever

Kamila: Christian stop!

Christian: But, you know that he is our enemy

Kamila: He's my boyfriend

Alejandra: ( whispers to David ) This is very awkward

David: (whispers back) is

Christian: What the fuck. You are dating Jay


Christian: ( sighs) Kami, you know that's a bad choice

Kamila: Im not a baby, I'm old enough to choose my life

Christian: .......

Jay's P.O.V

Jesus-Chris. This kid is so annoying

Alejandra: (coughs)

Christian: What!!

Alejandra: This is how you welcome your sister and her boyfriend

Jay: Yea

Christian: ( glares) shut up Alejandra

Alejandra: Fight me - so I'm Alejandra and this is David

Jay: Sup David and hello to you  ( winks)

Alejandra: ( blushes)

I hear a weird loud noise 

Jay: What was that noise?

David: Sorry, it was my stomach

Kamila: Looks like someone is hungry

Christian: Why don't we camp here tonight

Alejandra: Good idea

 We all ate a nice warm carrot soup that David made. Me and Kamila were just talking, but through the corner of my eye, I see Christian glaring at us. On purpose, I start to kiss Kamila

Christian: Jay....can I talk to you- privately

Jay: Um...ok

We both go behind an old building

Christian: Are you death?

Jay: No

Christian: So- why did you kiss my sister, when I told you to not go near her

Jay: What can I do? We are together

Christian: Break-up

Jay: Hell-no. I will break her heart

Christian: she will get over it soon

This mother fucker is getting on my nerves. He can't tell me what to do.

Jay: I was just wondering, that you and Alejandra are dating

Christian: What-no

Jay: You two hang out with each other a lot

Christian: We are just friends

Jay: Oh-really

Christian: Im certain

Jay: So, if I go to her now and kiss her would you mind

Christian: Um....

Jay: That's what I thought

Christian: You didn't let me finish. I'm not in love with her....I just don't want you to harm her

Alejandra: Boys, help me clean up

Christian: Ok (whispers to Jay) This is just a warning

He runs towards Alejandra. Do you think I will listen to him, he's not my father and I'm not his child

Everyone changed into pj's and set up their sleeping bags. I waited until everyone will fall asleep,so I can do my thing. I went to a tree and took m phone out. I Started to call Alice.

Alice: What do you want?

Jay: I found them

Alice: All of them?

Jay: Yes

Alice: Perfect- I will send my trusty assistant to help you 

Jay: Sure thing

Alice: And we my assistant goes there, they will be all dead 

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