chapter 5

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Gus's Pov

once we were in the car we started to drive as the sky started to darken and the stars were shining bright. i looked over and glanced at ariana who was looking out the car window. the moon started to shine making a small dim light on her skin.

i thought about the consequences she would face if she was around someone like me. ariana deserves a better friend she doesn't deserve to already
be hurt by me.

if i could i would give her the moon. i don't know what she has done to me, i've only known her for two days and she already has a big fucking effect on me and i don't like it. i like being the one that plays with girls feeling but she's doing it to me this time. i like to run away from my feelings and the last thing i wanna do is hurt her.

"gus, where are we going?" she asked lifting her head from the window and turning towards me.

her voice was so soft and angelic. it made my heart tingle like crazy.
i hate this so fucking much.

"that's for me to know and you to not know, wait is that how it goes?" i questioned while i chuckled softly at myself.

she giggled at me as she laid
back in her seat.

"can i turn on the radio?" she asked. i sent her a small nod. ariana sat up once she turned through the stations.

"ugh there isn't anything good on." she groaned sitting back once again before turning to me with a weird grin on her face.

"why you looking at me like
that ma?" i glanced at her then
back to the road.

"didn't you say you make songs,
play me one of them, please?" she dragged out the end to of her sentence with her bottom lip sticking out

i was nervous to let her listen. people always have different views on
my music, but fuck it.

"what do you wanna to hear ma?" i continued driving down the all too familiar roads.

she shrugged at my words
still looking over at me.

"surprise me" ariana grinned looking
at me with her dreamy brown eyes.

i then pulled the car over grabbing my phone as i scanned through many of my songs. a bunch of scrapped songs in my phone or unfinished ones. i was a very insecure artist so it took me awhile until i found one i liked until i kept scrolling down and found a good old one.

nothing to u.

"this one is lil sad, if you don't like
just let me know, k."

she nodded sitting up and eagerly waiting for the song to play.

i soon plugged my phone into the aux before i started to drive again as the song played. a nervous feeling throughout my body as i thought what she might think of it.

( song above ^)

I used to dream of you
Nah, I used to lose my sleep for you (Fuck you)
But now I see right through
And everybody wanna fuck with me
But I'on fuck witchu (Nah)
I use to scream at you
I use to turn my cheek at you (at you)
But now I need you too
And everybody give a fuck 'bout me
And I ain't nothin' to you
I'm just lookin' at my life while it go down the drain
I got pain in my brain, but I don't never complain
I'm insane, I'm deranged, I see your face in the rain
This ain't no race for the fame, but at this pace I'ma make it
Face it, you basic, Lil Peep your replacement
I'm takin' your spot

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